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"Kazoo's SKIF style icons for DH full" By kazoo

(Posted on Jul 11, 2011)


I am starting a dedicated thread for my SKIF style icons for DH Full.

The icon packs are based on the original SKIF icons, and some of my own work for the Arma CORE mod. In order to fill up the model lists, I have produced a lot of new icons as well.

For some of the army icons, I have used the icons from DH in different backgrounds (and some very minor changes). I have received a go ahead from the DH team to share these icons. Airforce and navy icons are based mainly on other images.

Credit to Krystoff, Scyth, and Bebro for their excellent work with the original SKIF icons:

Also credit to General_Grant for providing some ww1 icons and icons for some minor nations, and to Van der Gent, whose work I have also used.

BIG credit to koenig (the creator of Mod33), who is the creator of the original DH images.

Note that the use of these icons should be restricted to Darkest Hour Full ONLY.

Installation is easy, simply unpack the images into your ...\Darkest Hour\Mods\Darkest Hour Full\gfx\interface folder. The (optional) models.csv file go into the ...\Darkest Hour\Mods\Darkest Hour Full\config folder. Remember to backup the original files in case something goes wrong.

The full set covers almost every nation in the ww2 scenario, and has adequate coverage for the ww1 scenario as well. Of course, it is not possible to have icons for every possible model of every possible nation, but the pack consists of more than 10 000 icons, which should be quite satisfactory.

A note on the new models.csv-file I've put together: it ties things together in a better way imho and adds a lot of minor nation models, but this is of course optional to use. The icons should work ok without it.

Patreon link (for support only, the mod is completely free):




5733 icons
Covers all major nations and most of their puppets/revolters
Covers some minor nations partly or fully
Conversion of my DH full set to fit KR
Enhancement of some old KR SKIF icons
New icons made exclusively for this set

Installation: unzip to your \Darkest Hour\Mods\Kaiserreich for DH 1.3\gfx\interface folder.

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