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"TRIPARTITE PACK for AoD (new graphics and audio)" By Titan79

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Disclaimer - There are many new icons added for the AOD 1.13 (yet to be released) and all of them have been edited with the correct year or model (III, IX, etc.). Downloading the tri-partie pack on 1.13 or later will screw up the icons. Anything before 1.13 is fine

This mod is called "Tripartite Pack" mainly because I liked the pun. Don't be misled by its name, though: although I started it by mostly modding Germany, Japan and Italy, the pack now contains a full set of icons, graphics and sounds for both Axis and USSR/Allied powers (as well as many minors), so as a matter of fact it could be called "World War 2 Pack".

The main focus of this mod lies in icons - currently over 5000 which I have collected from various sources or made by myself. Anyway, I've modified them all to give them the same look - a complete standardization work to avoid odd and annoying effects I've too often experienced in the past. Now all icons from the same branch will have their flag, name, tier indication etc. in the same visual code as the others.

The greatest innovation are probably top-view aircraft icons. Since nothing like this existed before (apart from a lone set for Germany, which served as an inspiration) and I always liked HoI2's top-view aircraft concept, I've decided to make a full set of such icons myself, each of course matching its corresponding airplane model, for all the majors and many minors.

Other improvements you'll find in this pack include:

- modified counters with small symbols on the border to let you identify at a glance your armor, HQs, paras etc. even when they're in a stack (see screenshots below)

- new terrain map mode colors (more similar to real-world ones)

- tweaked political map mode colors (e.g. Japan less eye-hurting)

- improved skins for major countries

- new look for synthetic oil & materials plants

- new weather symbols

- improved look for attachments

- some more urban provinces (where in WW2 have been fought bloody battles)

- country-unique graphics (for example, mouse cursors) for ENG-GER-ITA-JAP-SOV-USA

- country-unique sound effects (combat & messages) for ENG-GER-ITA-JAP-SOV-USA

- modified other generic sound effects


Please refer to the "Tripartite Pack for AoD.txt" readme file for a full list of changes contained in this mod as well as for additional info.







Phil K





Also, many thanks to:

- bestmajor, De_Spinoza, manfred1126, Hister, Epaminondas, Blood_RavenAUS for finding suitable images from which to make some aircraft and land icons;

- Julle64, Zsumi for finding suitable audio files from which to make some custom sfx.

I apologize for everyone I might have forgotten or miscredited; that wasn't my intention.


● If you plan to use some of the files contained in this mod you're free to do so but please, be so kind to ask me first - thank you in advance!

Before / after:

(please note that the screenshots have not been updated with the latest additions. The current version of the Tripartite Pack contains more goodies than you'll see below)


Here you can see, on the map: new terrain mode colors; improved counters which let you tell at a glance that the Soviets have e.g. an HQ and an armored unit in the province north-east of Polotsk (look near the top-right corner of the screenshot); slightly brightened up German counters for better contrast with the symbols on their right border; historical counter markings for Germany, both for army and airforce; new icon for AA guns; reversed airfield icon (no longer resembling a big "A").

In the unit panel, from top: new colored clock; colored symbols for HQ nearby - unit in supply; marked bars for unit carried oil/supply (at 0%-50%-100%); new icons for every unit; new experience star; new font for writing "SS" correctly [PLEASE NOTE: the symbol will not appear automatically, one has to write it (use the "@" key to see it displayed - read here for more info)]; marked ORG bars (at 33% and 66%); new oil icon; new look for brigades (blue background: uses oil; gray: doesn't use oil); restored HoI2 buttons like offensive supply, split unit etc.; new buttons for Scorched earth and Victory or Walhalla; new German sidebar.


Darkened red for USSR; new attack arrows on counters (more visible when on red provinces, like the Soviet ones); some other German icons (Luftwaffe, this time. From top: Focke-Wulf Fw 190, Messerschmitt Me 262 Schwalbe, Junkers Ju 87G, Heinkel He 111).


Note the improved terrain colors which let tell e.g. desert from hills much better than before; new urban provinces (Aachen, Breslau, Brest-Litovsk, Odessa, Sevastopol); new coal, oil and money resource icons in the topbar (as well as the new nuke, dissent and TC icons); new "show arrows" icon (no longer resembling a cross); narrower topbar folders; improved German topbar with eagle, motto and historical flag; restored HoI2 icons for province-army-navy-airforce selection (over the sidebar); new wooden background for minimap; new map mode buttons; darkened max zoom level buttons to be more visible.


Improved USA topbar with Statue of Liberty; new color for USA (I've never been very fond of the original blue); smaller circle symbol for capital city; new nuclear reactor map icon; some USAF aircraft (from top: Boeing B-29 Superfortress, North American P-51D Mustang, Douglas C-47 Skytrain); new color for escort fighters.



Some US ships with naval attachments (with new look and new colors); new button for naval kills; new button for splitting units; new button for naval stand ground; (on map) new rocket research site icon.



New UK topbar with Big Ben; some RAF aircraft (from top: Vickers-Armstrong Wellington Mk.III, Lockheed Hudson); new naval fort icon (in Tobruk). And please note: in Tobruk there are a MOT inf division and a Garrison, while in Bardia the Italo-Germans have two MOT inf units and two armored units. In Sollum there's a UK light armored army.


New colors for political map; new Soviet topbar no longer reddish as before and with added Lenin; some Soviet ships with attachments.


New weather symbols (taken from HoI2 but improved: rain and storm darkened to tell them at a glance from snow clouds, added rain to storm and a flash effect you've got to see in game); new land fortification icon.

In the sidebar/province screen: new icons for AA guns, land forts, infrastructure, coal, oil, synthetic fuel/rubber plants (with fuel barrel and tyres to tell them at a glance); new Japanese sidebar.


Another screen to show the improved counters and some other US aircraft (Douglas A-20 Havoc, Martin B-26 Marauder, North American P-51D Mustang).


An aircraft overview to let you see some other models and airforce markings. From top left to bottom right:

1st row: (AST) Bell P-39 Airacobra; (BEL) Renard R-40; (BRA) Republic P-47 Thunderbolt; (BUL) Arado Ar 196A Akula; (CAN) de Havilland Mosquito B.XVI; (CHI) Curtiss Tomahawk; (CZE) Avia B-534; (ENG) Avro Vulcan; (FIN) VL Pyörremyrsky; (FRA) Liore-Olivier LeO 451

2nd row: (GER) Focke-Wulf Super Lorin; (GRE) Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV; (HOL) Fokker D.XXIII; (HUN) Junkers Ju 86; (IRQ) Gloster Gladiator; (ITA) Piaggio P.108; (JAP) Mitsubishi G3M Chukou; (NOR) Hawker Hurricane II; (NZL) Handley Page Hampden; (PHI) Consolidated PBY Catalina

3rd row: (POL) PZL P.11c; (ROM) Junkers Ju 52/3m; (SAF) Bristol Brigand; (SLO) Messerschmitt Bf 109G; (SOV) Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17; (SPA) Messerschmitt Bf 109D; (SPR) Polikarpov I-15 Chato; (TUR) Fairey Battle; (USA) Vought F4U Corsair; (VIC) Dewoitine D.

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