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"Total Realism Project 1.04" for darkest hour By DerStudti

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

(Originally posted on on Feb 11, 2018)

Total Realism Project 1.04

  • Checksum: JLAD (1.04A), ELMC (1.04)

  • February 11, 2018

  • For general information on our mod, please click here.

  • Please be reminded that using (parts of) the TRP mod in other modding projects is only allowed with our permission. Just ask, we don't bite...severely.

For TRP 1.04 we have combined all those small ideas that have been coming to our mind during our ongoing work on our big manpower and resource rework. With DH 1.05 now available, we have come to the decision to publish our latest milestone (after quite some balancing and bug fixing efforts) before committing to what essentially comes down to the largest TRP re-balancing since the introduction of our revamped combat system some years ago.

Amongst the highlights for this version are new TRP-specific units and ministers. They provide a greater variety in buildup strategies and add some national flavor: The nation-specific 1937 AA cruisers for example are an interesting choice for the western allies when it comes to creating modern escorts for their capital ships, especially because of their strong defense against land-based bombers, but also thanks to their relatively low costs. However, these cruisers don't offer much concerning their effective combat range and might become a handicap in conventional engagements. Another novelty are assault guns: This brigade gets unlocked by our infantry tank technologies depending on the respective land doctrine. Especially Germany and the Soviet Union may use them as a slightly cheaper, more anti-infantry focused alternative to infantry tanks. Concerning ministers, you will find newly created chiefs of navy and armament ministers in many countries. The merchant navy focused minister is primarily supposed to meet the requirements of countries without a strong fleet or air force while the new "war armament minister" will help you with upgrading your standing army to the latest models.

On top of that, you may expect plenty of small additions, modifications, bug-fixes and enhancements like several new events and decisions. Most of them contribute to the atmosphere or provide further incentives for the players, but we also had the MP gamers in mind. For instance, you will now find decisions that grant or revoke mutual military control within the "classic" factions so that all the players may now assist each other even if they are not allied or even at war yet.

Have a look below for are all the changes since TRP 1.03B (r1122 => r1373):

Change log TRP 1.04

New features introduced in DH 1.05

  • Adopted new misc.txt switches and text strings according to TRP's needs

  • Modified the new division info popup icon so that it fits into TRP's interface

  • Activated "upgrade through supply" mechanics, but reduced the effect considerably to 10%/year

  • Adopted corrections made to the map (especially province coordinates)

New units

  • USA and Commonwealth nations get the 1937 AA cruiser (CLAA) as a nation-specific CL model

  • New brigade type "assault guns" (unlocked through land doctrines at different years, model research through infantry tanks)


  • Turned some mountains in Tunisia into hills

  • Removed several beaches in Syria/Lebanon

  • Added additional naval bases in Odessa, Nikolayev and Lagos

  • Reworked provincial infrastructure in the Middle East (Baghdad and Hejaz railway remnants)

  • Connected Cairo to the Mediterranean through Tanta (small harbor) to preserve trade efficiency during wartime

  • Blocked connections Pontarlier = Chambéry and Chambéry = Turin

  • Removed airfield in Gibraltar (built only after 1936)


  • Enhanced land doctrines with different dig-in values (max. dig-in & dig-in per day)

  • Moved CV port strike mission into separate secret weapons technology

  • Added assembly line bonus for cavalry and elite cavalry (see info event), elite mechanized infantry and elite motorized infantry

  • Changed assembly line bonuses for mechanized and motorized infantry


  • Added new "merchant navy focus" chief of the navy and made it available for several minors (major nations might follow later)

  • Added new "war armament minister" (cheaper upgrades)

  • Made AA-focused chief of air force available for a whole bunch of additional countries

  • Several small changes to (e.g. new chief of navy) + ITA + ROM + SAF + SOV (new ministers) + GER + DEN + HUN + JAP + KWA + ARG + BRA + CHL + YUG + IRQ + China-Nanjing)


  • New files for BUL, YUG, SLO, CRO, HUN and GRE by Aser

  • Added italian CTV leaders to the Nationalist Spain file

  • Some SOV leaders adjusted (ranks, promotions,...)

  • Activated retirement date mechanics (just added some dates so far)

  • Some minor adjustments


  • ITA (e.g. Astaldi reevaluated, new mathematician, new team SpA)

  • SOV (new team + naval teams reworked)

  • BEL (new team ACEC)

  • Several small adjustments


  • Balancing for several AI vs. AI engagements (Spanish civil war, German offensive bonuses against FRA and SOV)

  • Small bonus for Communist China in case that Nationalist China falls to Japan

  • Purges don't affect soviet air combat abilities any more (bombing missions are still reduced in effectiveness though)

  • ITA set to mostly planned economy in 1936

  • USA set to full professional army in 1936

  • Reduced provincial AA strength, especially in late years

  • HQs now get organization and morale values of armored units instead of infantry values

  • Corrections to sub attack values for several submarine models

  • Sea attack values for submarines now differ more for modern and outdated models

  • Changed costs for some brigades (e.g. engineers)

  • Slightly buffed bombing mission modifiers for bad terrain

  • Reduced impact of sliders on spy network efficiency

  • Added new decisions to grant or remove mutual military command in MP games

  • Removed or greatly reduced dissent effects from events that release countries (=> reduce the chance for exploits)

  • Lots of small adjustments to events and OOBs


  • Total rework for the Japanese OOB (to represent the Japanese square type divisions)

  • Adjustments to quite some OOBs according to new research (e.g. ENG, USA, FRA, PHI, BUL, ETH, FIN, HUN, ITA, EGY, TUR)

New and reworked events/decisions

  • Introduced new add_brigade command into several events

  • ENG/U14 (Levante army)

  • ITA (Littorio Div., ALB-ITA trade agreement, AOI viceroy assassination attempt, ITA-YUG non-aggression, Lire devaluation, GaF, banana boats, ships salvaged in YUG)

  • Free France (1. FFF Division)

  • USA (Arcadia conference, garrisons for Midway and Hawaii)

  • JAP (Pacific islands garrisons, japanese industrial projects in Machuria, decision on salvaged chinese cruisers)

  • IRQ (confrontation at Habbaniya air base 1941, Baghdad railway)

  • ROM (Vickers AA gun license + additional provincial AA, 5. german AA div., border div., NMS Amiral Morgescu minelayer)

  • GER/CHI (aid for military buildup)

  • ENG (Operation Alacrity, greek army in exile, greek army mutiny, czech army in exile + revaluation, W-Force)

  • GER (Kalmykian cavalry corps, Org. Todt + death of Fritz Todt, events around the german armament ministers, 78. Sturm-Division, Luftwaffenfelddivision, adjustments to the Kammhuber event, Lufthansa, Neuhammer Stuka disaster)

  • FRA (1. czech div., SNCAO, national bank reform, nationalization of french munitions and aircraft industry, Francs devaluation)

  • SOV (1. czech corps)

  • SAF (6th armored division)

  • FRA/ITA (Corsica/Tunisia crisis)

  • ENG/FRA (Credits)

  • EGY (armament program)

  • BUL (treaty with Greece)

  • BUL-YUG (friendship treaty)

  • AUS (state visit to ITA)

  • FIN (national elections)

  • POL (POL-LIT crisis)

  • SCH (Gustloff assassination)

  • TUR (Oriental entente)

  • USA (PHI commission, bomber mafia, USAAF foundation)

  • YUG (trade agreement with GER)

  • AST (Australian tariff increase, citizen militia)

  • USA/ENG (Eagle Squadron)

  • HUN (HoG event)

  • SWE (defense plans)

  • U19 (KNIL mobilization events)

Tweaks to the AI

  • KWA (front priorities)

  • GER (buildup)

  • FRA (buildup)

  • Added supply and oil trade between AI USA and AI ENG by event to somewhat relieve the pressure on the British economy

Bug-fixes and corrections

  • Events

  • String and translation errors

  • Model names and icons

  • Removed duplicate entries in several files

A lot of new colored pictures and icons


Change log TRP 1.04A (April 4th 2018, Rev. 1411)


  • Small extension on CAS ranges (especially early models)

  • Heavy cruisers limited to escort brigades only (range balancing)


  • Disabled air force buildup for Republican Spain during SCW

  • Tweaks to polish AI (buildup)


  • Corrections to provincial coordinates alongside the FRA-BEL borders

  • Fixed port and beach coordinates for St. Helena


  • Switched Italian elite units from Bersaglieri to Alpini, added "6. Alpini Div." decision (+ reworked RSI Alpini event), added Alpini Icons, event pictures and unitnames

  • GER air force starting experience tweaked

  • Several changes to South American countries

  • Added several non-aggression treaties for ITA (ending in autumn 1939)


  • Expanded AA minister type (bonus on self-propelled AA)

  • Vichy ministers expanded

  • Swiss ministers expanded

  • Several minor changes


  • GER fighter tech teams adjustments (Mölders is now a reward tech team for German intervention during the Spanish civil war)

  • BEL Vickers-Armstrong tech team deleted

  • Adjustments for British armoured tech teams

New and reworked events/decisions:

  • ENG Event - Battle of Cable Street Event

  • FIN Decisions - Finnish army wants to buy new weapons in Germany

  • ROM Decisions - Adjustments for the Romanian rearmament program

  • FIN Event - Finnish Continuation War can trigger without Finnish Winter War now

  • Generic Event - Offset reduced from 14 to 7 days for the "war/combat fatigue" event (90% national provinces lost)

  • BEL Event - German a historical Rhineland annexation won't interfere with Belgian alliance events (BEL leaving allied alliance)

  • ENG Decisions - Trigger adjustment for British wartime decisions to reduce the amount of displayed decisions when war starts

Bug-fixes and corrections:

  • Missing event pictures implemented

  • New division/brigade/unit pictures

  • Corrections based on user reports (e.g. revolt.txt errors)

  • Spelling mistakes removed in events and decisions

  • New color code for RK Ukraine

  • Adjustments for the unitnames.csv (e.g. new carrier names for ITA/RSI, adjustments for french names)

  • Small adjustments for the models.csv

Download and installation

  • You need the latest Darkest Hour patch 1.05.

  • Click below to download TRP 1.04 (497 MB) from The Bunker. (MD5 hash: 1c8909bde0a6134f2f799acaff405452)

Click here to download TRP Patch 1.04A (13 MB) from the Bunker. (MD5 hash: 6c3834fca85026a0964693c7ec0badf7)

  • Unzip (using 7zip) TRP 1.04 into Darkest Hour's Mods-directory. Unzip TRP patch 1.04A into the TRP subfolder and overwrite files when prompted. Check if the folder hierarchy is correct.

  • In Darkest Hour Launcher select "TRP104" as Mod (language: English or German) and start (Checksum 1.04A: JLAD, Checksum 1.04: ELMC).

Have fun!

Wie üblich haben wir natürlich auch wieder eine deutschsprachige Modvorstellung.

Public service announcement​

There is a new hotfix for Darkest Hour (Version 1.05.1) that fixes some errors in the EXE file itself.

We can confirm that this hotfix doesn't seem to conflict with TRP 1.04. Even the checksum doesn't change.

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