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"THIRD REICH AoD MOD" By Gringoesteban

(Originally posted on May 1, 2010)

Taken from Paradox forum post

TRM version 1.08.6

05 December 2019

for Arsenal of Democracy 1.08

You can download the final version of TRM at:

The checksum is KIKH (when using the application file from AoD v1.08)

Download instructions are in post #1150 on page 58 of this thread.



The Third Reich AoD Mod (''TRM'') is a single player Germany scenario that starts in January 1936 and ends in December 1946. TRM will give you a difficult yet historically plausible Germany game with far more flavor than vanilla. I created TRM after deciding that it was way too easy to win the vanilla 1936 scenario as Germany. The Mod is difficult but you might be able to win if you are an experienced player. When you declare war on the Soviet Union, you will be given the option to select an even more difficult campaign, which will be extremely hard to win. I highly recommend selecting this tougher option if you really want to challenge yourself.




TRM is designed to be played as Germany on NORMAL/NORMAL settings. (Before starting your game, verify under Options that you are not using Normal/Weakling, which for some reason is the default for AoD 1.08). The Mod has been tested and balanced and runs fine, with no known errors, through December 1946. (TRM has only been tested as a single player Germany game).

Here are more details….


I recoded the AI preferences for about 25 nations, with special focus on the majors like USA, Soviet Union, England, and Italy. For example, the USA will build strategic bombers and use them to bomb Germany, given that the impact of strategic bombing is quite severe in AoD whereas it was negligible in HOI2DD. The AI will put CAG’s on its escort carriers and will attach escorts to its bomber wings. The AI will research the armored transportation techs to improve its strategic redeployment ability, but it will not research the synthetic oil and materials techs. Bottom line, I made extensive changes, far too many to list here….

Spocky and G’Car made the excellent DAIM mod for HOI2DD which gave me a good starting point. I also took inspiration from some AI files written by Lothos for the TRP Mod (which by the way was my favorite mod for HOI2-DD-Arma). The DAIM Soviet AI would often let the entire Red Army be surrounded in the Pripet Marshes, so I copied the switch files SOV_Defense_GER_Border and SOV_Defense_Standard from The Total Realism Project and then tweaked them based on my playtests. I also used TRP’s SOV_Winter file to put the AI on the attack in the winter of 1941-1942.


It is possible to enter the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean if your alliance controls the province of Cueta in northwest Africa, which drastically reduces the strategic value of Gibraltar. Leningrad now has impassible land links across Lake Logoda to help the city remain in supply, even if surrounded. Likewise, Murmansk has an impassible connection to Archangelsk and Sevastopol can be supplied from Baku. The English Channel is blocked between Mouth of the Thames and Eastern English Channel; only someone with units in Dover will be able to move between those two sea provinces. The western Soviet Union, China, and North Africa have lower infrastructure, so it will take longer for units to regain organization and you will run into severe logistics problems. The Sahara Desert is now impassible, as is northern Canada and parts of Afghanistan. I also added some extra resources in eastern SOV provinces. I turned Rostov and Basra into marshes and changed Karachi from hills to mountains. Palermo blocks part of the northern Med Sea. Crete has a victory point so the Axis must capture the island before being able to annex Greece. Resources have been more accurately balanced among countries and across provinces based on historical research.


In general, land divisions cost 1.5(x) as much manpower as in vanilla AoD and land brigades need twice as many men. The result is to lower the number of units on the map and also to make brigades relatively more expensive. The defensiveness and toughness of all land units has been doubled. I believe these changes are necessary to balance the stacking penalty feature in AoD. I also tweaked some brigade stats for balance. In vanilla AoD, the Player would simply attach an artillery brigade to every “leg” infantry division and an SP-Arty brigade to every wheeled/tracked division. The choice is tougher now. Ship build times are increased by 60% and their IC cost is cut by about 40% (the net impact to IC-days is zero). Transport planes and subs have lower organization and lower morale. Aircraft, vehicles, and artillery take more IC-days to upgrade. Battlecruisers are faster and have lower visibility (they can sneak by the enemy more easily) so they should make better surface raiders than in vanilla.

TRM has new brigade attachments including assault guns, mechanized infantry, and recon aircraft.

Multi-role fighters will perform well in dogfights against interceptors.


I added hundreds of new events, mostly for Germany. Here are a few examples…. You will experience the glory of hosting the 1936 Olympic Games as well as the agony of the Hindenburg disaster. Regarding ministers, on the appropriate historical dates, you will be asked if you want to appoint Albert Speer as Industry Minister and Karl Doenitz as Naval Minister. To add historical flavor, you will be able to build over 50 “free” elite units on or after their historical commissioning date, assuming you have researched the proper techs and have enough resources in your stockpile. These units include: the panzer divisions SS Das Reich, SS Totenkopf, LSSAH, SS Wiking, 5th Light Panzer Afrika, Panzer Lehr, Herman Goering, and Hitlerjugend; the panzergrenadier divisions Gross Deutschland and SS Nordland; the SS Prinz Eugen, SS Nord, and 1st Ski mountain divisions; the submarine U-48, the battleships Bismark and Tirpitz; the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen; the OKW headquarters division; a Cossack cavalry division and the 8th SS Cavalry Division Florian Geyer; three Luftwaffe Feld divisions; the infantry divisions RONA, 1st Ukranian, 1st Latvian, 1st Estonian, Italian Expeditionary Corp in Russia, and Spanish Blue; the motorized infantry divisions SS Polizei and 28th SS Wallonien; the white bread fortress division and seven other locked fortress divisions; the JG301 interceptor wing; the Jagdverband 44 Me-262 fighter wing; the JG 400 Me-163B Komet rocket interceptor wing; and up to six Volkssturm divisions if your enemies penetrate into East Prussia and Germany. The Afrika Korp (HQ, 2 mot inf, 1 light panzer) can also be activated by event. As another example, in mid-1942, an event will give the Germans a blueprint for the 1943 Heavy Armor tech, because the Germans used the sloped armor concept from the Soviet T-34 when designing the Mark V Panther. Occupying southern Norway will yield some nuclear blueprints due to Norwegian heavy water plants. The Mod has hundreds of new events, some of which impact the AI as well, helping it to give you more of a challenge.

Depending on how your game progresses, you may be asked if you would like to puppet Ukraine or Belarus, or whether you would like Turkey to join the Axis. Of course, if you want to play historically, you always have the choice to say 'no'. After the Spanish Civil War ends, if the victorious side has joined either the Axis or Allies, you have the option to force them back into neutrality, which will help push your game to a more historical path.

The USA receives 270 free offmap IC, 2,000 extra manpower, and a bunch of blueprints when it goes to war because USA industrial output during World War II was approximately 2.6 times as high as Germany’s peak production. The USA should be a military monster, not a pushover, and the vanilla AoD map does not reflect this harsh reality. The USA also gets some "free" units and constructs naval and air bases in key provinces like Casablanca, Tunis, Iwo Jima, etc. The USA AI files encourage the Americans to pursue the Manhattan Project, and events provide the US with nuclear blueprints and another 40 free offmap IC to build nuclear reactors. Given all this extra IC, you need to build a very strong Luftwaffe to hold back the Allied strategic bombing campaign....

The Soviets get +1,100 free manpower when the Great Patriotic War event fires. If the Wehrmacht gets too close to Moscow, Stalingrad, or Sverdlovsk, the Soviet Union will receive a free front army (i.e. one HQ division and eight infantry divisions) placed directly into the threatened province. The Soviet capital will relocate from Moscow to Sverdlovsk if the German army advances on Moscow. The Red Army receives approximately 38 elite Guards divisions on the appropriate, historical date. Like I mentioned earlier, an event allows the Player to select a much harder Barbarossa campaign called "Bring 'em on" whereby the Soviets get even more advantages, including MANY MANY more free divisions.

Italy has a manpower growth penalty and a morale penalty to represent the Italians' lack of fighting spirit during World War II. Hungary's and Romania's militaries also take an org and morale hit.

I used Atruejedi’s England surrender events from SMEP 6.0 for Armaggedon. I also copied pieces of SMEP to delete the Red Army after Bitter Peace fires.

If Japan puppets Nationalist China or if England joins the Axis, then the subservient countries' manpower growth will be cut significantly. Japan will no longer spam vast militia hordes in China, and you will not see many Brits signing up to fight alongside Hitler’s Wehrmacht, either. Puppeted India, Ukraine, Belorussia, Azerbejan, and Vichy also had their IC and manpower nerfed. You cannot puppet Scandanavia, Flanders, Scotland, Wales, or England in this Mod.


England, the Soviet Union, and Japan all receive some free locked units at the beginning of the scenario to help them defend key provinces. These countries are given enough free offmap IC and/or resources to supply these locked troops and to pay their salaries. You will no longer be able to make an unopposed beach landing in Dover or drive a panzer division straight into Leningrad without firing a shot. I am not a big fan of cheat fixes like this, but it is the only way to make the game challenging…. Regarding Italy, some of the units from the Italian's standard order of battle are locked into Italian beach provinces. This forces the AI to properly defend Sicily and Italy rather than losing its entire army in North Africa.


Many new techs have been added and numerous vanilla AoD techs have been reworked. For example.... Germany has new secret weapon techs for Panzerfaust, Torpedos, Air-to-Air Missiles, Surface-to-Air Missiles, etc. The Volkssturm land doctrine tech was completely revamped. Airport strike efficency and logistic strike efficiency were spread out through multiple air doctrine techs, and logistical strikes were slightly nerfed. Best of all, twelve new land doctrine techs and thirteen new air doctrine techs were copied from the GAGA Tech Mod. You do NOT need to research the two rocket interceptor technologies before your 1943 propeller interceptor aircraft will upgrade to the 1944 turbojet model. Rocket interceptors now essentially have their own specific upgrade path, and they make good point defense aircraft. Naval bombers and strategic bombers may only be brigaded with recon aircraft, not with escort fighters, which gives them a longer range. The naval doctrine tech tree includes several new technologies.




DAIM by G'Kar and Spocky

TRP v0.94 by Lothos

WiF by Fernando Torres


SKIF icons by Scytth, Kristoff, and BeBro

MGMIIver2 Minor Graphics Mod version 2 by TeutonburgerW

Three aircraft icons and combat event pics from Tripartite Pack by Titan79


ACIP Ministers Mod v1.1 by Admiral_RV plus some updates from Pioniere.

SMEP England surrender events



Total Realism Project 0.94b1 by Lothos and CORE 0.64 for HOI1


WiF Mod for DH by Fernando Torres


Technical Teams Mod v1.4 beta by Cardus, Pioniere, kunadam, and Maj. von Mauser, with updates from Pioniere


GAGA Tech Mod 1.35 by Gaga Extrem (copied 25 new air and land doctrine techs)

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