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"[DH MOd] The Grand Campaign - 2021 and beyond" By ejwith9953

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Ok, so life is a beach.....errrr......well, you know what I mean.

I been away far too long and it shows in this, the first of many releases to come. I'm changing focus on this project and hopefully for the better. In the past historical balance and getting through WWI historically was for the most part the main focus. The goal was to get WWI and the interwar period to fire historically because, frankly, there is nothing there even wise unless WWI happens properly and mainly due to me not really knowing which way I wanted to go I just kinda lulled there until life intervened and took away my time. I failed as a modder and I failed you guys who love the "Idea" of the TGC and for that........I am very, truly sorry... If it was not for sooooo many different people ( Who I will acknowledge soon as I get more down time, got more storms coming but will make the time in the next week or two to give proper credit where due ) and if not for that this mod would be dead and for that everyone of you has my heartfelt gratitude and thanks.

That all being said, I want to begin to lay the groundwork for the alternate history I always wanted to develop. The first few patches will be bug fixes because we all know as large as this mod is it is full of bugs. This release is far from bug free but since I don't have the time to play a few games or run any simulations it could be months before any more is improved. So I am releasing the first, full base version of the TGC and going to work on errors I can find ( I know of some listed below ) and others through debug mode ( most errors there are junk errors ) while looking here for those bugs found and release patches as soon as I can get something decent put together.

While doing all this I am reaching out to some on making events for the mod. I am going to keep secret for now what anything is really going to be but as a teaser I will drop a few things in here. It will NOT be anything kaiserreich at all. I have much love and respect for the Kaiserreich mod and team, it's amazing in so many ways and is a personal favorite of mine but we already have Kaiserreich and TGC somehow already became a WIF/NWO/AAR hodge podge with a few other flavors thrown in here and there so not trying to do any more like that. From this point on all new content will be in house and organic. No end decision on event chains will be made, they will start and end organically with input from everyone. TGC has always been, I believe, a major crowdsource work and I have always tried to listen and add events and improvements from the forum and will continue to do so.

So, Finally to the meat and potatoes of the day, the release I have come bearing. Before that, remember that little part about some alt-his teasers? Didn't read that part and skipped to the link area huh? So, I am thinking second american civil war between communist and capitalist's after WWI? A German Empire, rife with decadence and corruption among the elites leading to its collapse but who will lead the charge? Communist? Fasicast? Democrats? Think russian civil war but german and maybe not just one or two germanys walk away but maybe 3? And all those gained african colonies, what will become of them? Just a few ideas but maybe you can read between the lines?

You do not have to delete your old TGC but i Recommend. New folder has different name than old version.

TGC 9-21v2 Hotfix 1:

Updates made to SWE and FRA among others provided by Conquerer1234 quoted here:

a few misc fixes to certain countries (and core files) the france file goes in tgc-events/1914 adds French Indochina to the Entente when Germany sends the ultimatum to France in 1914.

the Sweden file was posted last minute and fixed the whole bandaid problem of Sweden claiming and gaining Finland while at peace with Russia in July 1914.

Thank you Conquerer1234 for the fixes!!! TGC 9-21v2 Updates: Fixed counters so they all work as intended with SS Div's and Zeppelin mod and CWTT Mobilization events that were accidently removed are back and working again Zeppelin Mod images now working as intended TGC 9-21 Updates: Updated WIF Core files to latest versions Updated NWO to latest version Added the Zeppelin Mod provided by Rohi Updated CWTT with newest one provided by Pasha SS Divisions are back, not sure why they left but they have returned!!! Added Afgan pack from Rohi Debugged duplicate event numbers that have been around forever Added 1945 and 1950 start points from NWO ( This may only be temporary as I do not know how it will work, there are reasons why they were removed ) Removed the save games that have been there forever so must start a new game, no 1918 start points now Removed other duplicate and bloat file ( looking at you screenshots ) Known issues: Zeppelin mod images currently broken. Not sure why, probably something really stupid somewhere, like literally a ; or an } somewhere missing or something Difficulty selection text a mod load shows war weary text and not proper explanation of the module Debug level 1 shows 600 errors at load, about 300 are just because text is not where it likes it ( Cry me a river ) and most of the rest or leader personality mismatch errors. I will be going through each of the 600 errors one by one and fixing them for next patch. Well, that's it, that's all I got to say tonight. I hope this is to the liking of everyone. Please, post your bug issues and everything soon as you can. Message me or something if you feel it's game breaking. I have been known to release a completely non working mod before and will do so again I promise you. So, what does everyone think? Let me know!!!

Feel free to download here:

The Grand Campaign 9-21v2 Checksum : QSGT ( I Think, blends in to that awesome background of ours )

This is Version 2 Released 09/14/2021

You MUST delete your old TGC and replace it with this one!!! NOT SAVE GAME COMPATIBLE!!!!

The Grand Campaign 9-21v2 Hotfix 1:

Extract to mods folder and overwrite when asked

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