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[DH MOD] - "The Bonaparte Legacy" By TheRemQc

"Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide."

Napoleon III, Emperor of the French (1852-1879)

What if there never was a war between Napoleon III's French Empire and Prussia in 1870?

What if, under the leadership of the Bonapartes, France went on to prosper and dominate continental Europe for the next generation?

What if, because of this, a completely different Great War set Europe ablaze in 1914?

What if, a defeated France filled with hatred and bitterness, then embarked on the path of revenge?

This is the premise of The Bonaparte Legacy

Created by Zokan, The Bonaparte Legacy is an alternate history mod for Darkest Hour bringing the player into a completely different –yet familiar– Europe. As the original creator, Zokan wrote a whole lore surrounding his mod, the story of it actually beginning in 1861 at the height of the American Civil War. For those of you interested to learn more about it and understand the world of TBL, the full timeline is available by clicking on the banner below:

First released in 2011, TBL’s development was led by Zokan until 2014 when he stopped working on it. For three years the mod was worked on by members of the community who tackled with its bugs and helped updating it to the new versions of Darkest Hour. However the lack of a proper development team restricted the addition of new content and features.

In 2017, with support from the community and the consent of the forum staff, a new team was assembled and work started again on The Bonaparte Legacy. Since then, the development of the mod has been going on, sometime slower than we would have liked, but the work continues.

Anyone interested in joining the team can formulate a demand on this thread or contact TheRemQc and Nesic8693 via private message.

Please that note that all the credits for the mod goes to @unmerged(30953) -Zokan- who created it and originally thought about it.

⚜⚜⚜ Special thanks to: Saferli for the help with the ownership and stuff Gukpa who first proposed us the idea of continuing the work on TBL the community who showed and continue to show their support and, again, to Zokan for creating such a good mod! ⚜⚜⚜ Current status: The mod is in its 0.7.2 version (As of March 2023) and is compatible with the lastest version of Darkest Hour. Download links: LINK 1 LINK 2 Installation instructions: Download and unpack the mod file into your mod directory in the Darkest Hour file. With Steam, right-click on Darkest Hour in your game list and click on "properties" then select the "local files" tab. Report bugs on this thread

Best regards,

the TBL team


Development reports:


SPOILER: DEVELOPMENT V0.7 Dev Diary 21: War preparations in India

SPOILER: DEVELOPMENT V0.6 Dev diary 1: Politics in America

Development report Public annoucements:



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2023년 11월 08일

Great mod! They made a patch the other day I think? Can we have the link?

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