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"[DH MOD] Reichs Expansion Pack" By NukePL91

(Originally posted on Dec 1, 2019)

Download and installation

Instalation: Remove old version of REP and unpack Reichs Expansion Pack to Darkest Hour/Mods/

Instalation: copy folder db to Darkest Hour/Mods/Reichs Expansion Pack

Hello and welcome to Reichs Expansion Pack, a modification aiming to provide even more fun with Germany (and only Germany). The history of REP dates back to 2012, when on the now inoperative Polish forum about Paradox games ( I started working on a modification in Polish to add as much flavor for Germany as possible. Over time, I stopped working on the mod, tried to go back to it several times, and finally last year I've taken it seriously and created a new version of REP - this time in English, with the implementation of many new ideas compared to the original version. So, what is this mod? REP provides:

- hundreds of new events covering domestic and foreign policy of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1941 (with some content for next years);

- multiple alternative paths of the most important events leading to Second World War (early Anschluss of Austria or recovery of African colonies anyone?);

- some ahistorical paths like Yugoslav Civil War or Anschluss of Switzerland;

- completely new list of German ministers (with unique personalities) and tech teams;

- new panzer and naval tech tree matched to German tanks and ships - of course with new models list for all German units;

- new units exclusive for Germany: light infantry, volksgrenadiers, fortress divisions, heavy tank destroyers, assault guns, night fighters, panzer HQ and more;

- implementation of German mobilization system (look below);

- new occupation and puppets system (look below);

- new countries: Territory of the Saar Basin, Demilitarized Zone, Sudetenland, Protectorate of Bohemia & Moravia and more;

- multiple battlescenarios: from old HoI2 vanilla Fall Weiss to Unternehmen Seelöwe and Operation Torch.

Some more info:

- the only country meant to be played is Germany - not Hungary, not Brasil, not Mongolia - Germany;

- mod is still unfinished and after 1941 you shouldn't expect much flavor - of course you can still continue your campaign, as crucial events regarding mobilisation are already done and other vanilla events are still intact;

- mod has been prepared in normal difficulty level and normal AI aggressiveness, so it's advisable to play with such settings;

- of course there are still some flaws and bugs which escaped my attention

German mobilization system

Germany had special mobilization system, according to which divisions were mobilized in so called 'waves'. Each wave mobilized mostly infantry division of similar organization, equipment and veterancy level. In REP, after creation of Wehrmacht, Germany can mobilize bunch of divisions and get manpower through special mobilization decisions. Of course Germany has to spend certain amount of supplies and fulfill other conditions (e.g. first wave is available right after creation of Wehrmacht, but second after remilitarization of Rheinland, third after Anschluss and so on), moreover, maintaining a reserve army from which divisions will be drawn also costs IC! Details about mobilization schedule are given in-game.

New occupation and puppet system (still WIP)

One of the novelties introduced at Darkest Hour were the Reich Commissariats, originally forms of civil administration over the occupied territories. In practice, they didn't differ much from ordinary satellite countries, except that they didn't have cores in their provinces. In REP, I introduced a new occupation system that allows three ways to manage conquered areas:

- Full occupation - Germany would have total control over occupied territory, but also need to deal with revolt risk and TC loss. On the other hand, Germany would directly obtain IC, resources and MP, though only a certain percentage depends on modifiers like these given by Prince of Terror as minister of security. Most importantly - Germany would get cores on occupied provinces after certain amount of time.

- Reich Commissariat/Protectorate/GG - Germany would create Reichskommissariat-like puppet without cores on occupied territory. Germany wouldn't suffer from TC loss, but still has to deal with revolt risk in occupied provinces. Moreover, Germany wouldn't get any IC or MP (except for special volunteer events), but still can get resources through trade deals. This type of puppet wouldn't produce ANY units, nor discover any techs, but Germany would be able to annex it after certain amount of time.

- Regular puppet state - Germany would create ordinary vanilla puppet. No TC loss, but also no IC or MP. Germany could get resources through trade deals and control puppet's divisions. If puppet is created over conquered territory (e.g. Polish State after German invasion on Poland), it would get some dissent. Puppet state has to be changed into Reichskommissariat-like puppet if player wants to annex it in the future.

Special thanks and credits: for Eufigames community for any input and help (especially Zoor for wonderful Reichskommissariats' flags) and Kazoo, author of Kazoo's SKIF style icons included in REP.

Taken from Paradox forum post

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