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"New World Order 2" By Bizon

Current Version: 2.3.4 (2018-03-29)

Compatibility: Darkest Hour 1.05.x

Installation notes are included below, in the first post. The second post contains a review of the mod's features.


The mod contains Cold War Tech Tree techtree extension mod by Kretoxian and contributors, improved by ejwith995 in The Grand Campaign Mod.

The mod contains SKIF icons by derekg36

Special thanks for eeex for debugging and publishing hotfixes!

Moreover, the mod uses work done by:

- gstrits45 (the minister files and photos for Communist China and Communist Germany - DDR)

- Leonaru (ACIP ministers for U70-U99 countries)

- General Mosh (conversion of Space Race events)

- omega20 (major help with 1945 OOBs)

- danielshannon (help with tech teams and Soviet ministers)

- eeex (1945/1950 scenario ministerial setup, corrected counter gfx, Eastern European countries flags, 1.04 RC compatibility)

- FCZP (help with ministers, OOBs, propaganda pictures and other things for USSR)

- Dodraugen (national insignia for East Turkestan)

- RumpNissen89 (national insignia for Free City of Trieste and communist USA)

- Rrt877 (flags of Burma, Iraq and Egypt)

- Kretoxian (OOBs for SFR Yugoslavia)

- MajkaRusija (original names of air units for SFR Yugoslavia)

- lanodaka (post-1945 tech teams)

- Piajr (ministers and tech teams for Poland and Communist Poland)

- Limith (ideas for improvement of Chinese Civil War and postwar Chinese states)

- OneAussieMan777 (events for Australia, from "Australia, A Nation Worth Fighting For" mod)

- borrowski4 (couple of events for India and Pakistan)

- derekg36 (improvements for Spain)

- A-150 (event hotfixes)

- Stuka Ju87 D3 (fixing unit modifiers)

- Panda69 (events for united Europe)

- JonathanJ6 (Soviet leaders for communist Poland)

- Korsteeni (USA ministers pack)

- burning_phoneix (Saudi Arabia)

- der Kriegsherr (ministers)

Some pictures of Soviet ministers come courtesy of both the Kaiserreich team (old leninists) and Pioniere, provided by danielshannon.

Some 1980s ministers are from the 1989 Turning Point mod (, sent for me by hansnery.

Big thanks!

Installation instructions:

Copy contents of the downloaded NWO archive into your game's mod directory (e.g. "C:\Program Files\Darkest Hour\Mods").

Installation notes are included below, in the first post. The second post contains a review of the mod's features.

Compatibility: Darkest Hour 1.05.x

Compatibility: Darkest Hour 1.05.x

Mod's features​

New World Order 2 is a mod which task is to provide compelling reason to keep playing Darkest Hour after 1945 at least until planned end of timeline in 1991. Based on its predecessor that allowed seamless playability from 1936 well into depths of Cold War it combines DH Full map with huge number of events accounting for post-war elections, declarations of independence, local conflicts and shifts in economic production around the world. Regional strifes and Cold War flashpoints can erupt into World War 3 on a global scale with DH's world embroiled in a nuclear struggle. The task of the mod, once again, is to recreate all the plausible venues in which the World War 2 could have ended, and experience the darkest hours of the Cold War era.

New scenarios

Scenarios for the world just after the World War 2 (1945, "New World Order"), just before Korean War (1950, "Doctrine of Containment"), after the death of Stalin (1953, "Death of Stalin") in the middle of the 50s decade (1956, "Race to the Moon") and before a nuclear crisis flares up western hemisphere (1959, "Caribbean Crisis"). Later scenarios let the player jump immediately to the later part of the mod's timeline.

New ministers

NWO1 introduced about 4000 single changes to ministerial posts for the mod's timeline. This edition of the mod will have all of those elections and similar events converted and enriched.

Economic dynamism

The 1936 setup prepared for Darkest Hour Full becomes hardly relevant for 1950+ timeline, when big changes in placement of industrial centres worldwide started to happen. The mod addressess this by simulating economic ups and downs of countries around the world until year 2000.

Chinese Civil War

The mod portrays Chinese Civil War and strive to balance it to let communist side win it in most cases. To achieve this, communist side receives many bonuses in pre-1945 years and during the war there are a lot of events creating partisans loyal to communist cause as well as dissent in nationalist ranks.

World War 3 flashpoints

There are events for several historical moments when World War 3 was very close from being sparked. Playing as United States or Soviet Union the player can take a risk and try to avoid the war or press the opponent harder. These flashpoints include: Berlin Airlift, Berlin Crisis of 1962, Iran Crisis of 1946, Abadan Crisis, Korean War, Cuban Missile Crisis and others

Korean War

The mod contains a recreation of Korean War with event-driven simulation of momentum that originally made drastic turnarounds in the war possible. Americans, Soviets and Chinese can all influence parity of military power of two fighting sides and United Nations have also their say. The war is designed to go either way with each of sides having their window of opportunity for decisive strike.

Cold War alliances

After the war the original setup of Allies gave way to the Cold War division of the world. The mod dismantles the WW2 alliances replacing it with event-driven guarantee-based model and let's the world superpowers to recreate fully-fledged alliances by creating NATO and Warsaw Pact

Marshall Plan

When Europe was in ruins after WW2, USA, after some deliberation, made an initiative to help in rebuilding the Old World's economies, known as Marshall Plan. The mod allows USA to decide once again whether to offer this help (at some cost) and which country will get it. Marshall Plan can encompass communist Poland and Czechoslovakia and even other Eastern Bloc countries, if only USSR agrees to such a move.

New independent nations

The mod includes scripted independence events for all countries that gained their independence during the timeline. This allows to simulate decolonization process and makes Asian and African political map more and more interesting as the time goes.

Independence wars

The mod simulates peaceful recognition of autonomy of once-colonial territories around the world but not always independence of countries went so smoothly. The mod simulates such conflicts as Arab-Israeli War of 1948, First Kashmir War of 1948 and Indonesian National Revolution of 1945-1949 which can influence final borders of new entities or even prevent their existence.

Space Race

It was not only about national pride. The so-called space race demonstrated technological superiority of world superpowers, especially in the area of intercontinental rockets, not a thing to be taken lightly in nuclear age. From the end of the WW2 and Operation Paperclip, the mod recreates most memorable moments of the space conquest.

WW2 surrender events

World War 2 could end in many ways and the mod aims to simulate those different endings, creating the world after the war's conclusion which takes into consideration both historicity and plausibility. The mod simulates Europe after Hitler's fall (Der Untergang), Asia after Japan surrenders (The Jewel Voice), respectively Russia (The Bitter Peace), UK (The Crumbling Empire) and USA (The Lost Hope) after Nazi victory and even Allied quick victory over Germany before Barbarossa happens to take place (Peace in Our Time).

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