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"[NEW RELEASE] - Fatherland Mod - Codename : 10th Anniversary Edition" By pako (aka pakotorino)

"The world will never be the same"


- Codename : 10th Anniversary Edition


- pakotorino (aka Pako) : mod owner

- Redding


- Darkest Hour Full 1.05.1

Installation instructions:

Delete your previous version of Fatherland

1: Unzip the archive

2: Copy contents of the downloaded archive under Mods directory in the main Darkest Hour Folder.

3: Enjoy !

Download Link - Codename : 10th Anniversary Edition


World War II

The world was plunged into war when Adolf Hitler swiftly attacked Poland (1939) over the Danzig corridor, thereby introducing the world to the German strategy of the 'Blitzkrieg' by conquering the country in a mere month. It was, however, only the start of Hitler's plan for world domination and expansion of the German Fatherland, which was to last for thousands of years. After the invasion of Denmark, Norway, the Benelux countries, France, Yugoslavia and Greece, Nazi Germany had almost free reign in continental Europe, being formally allied with the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom only left thanks to the lackings of the Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe, which led to the only Allied victory in World War II, namely the Battle of Britain.

In 1941, Hitler then embarked on a campaign which only a daring statesman as he would have done. He backstabbed his official ally Stalin, and started one of the biggest invasions the world had ever seen, Operation Barbarossa. Before the end of the year, German troops entered in the Kremlin, after which Stalin dissappeared and was never to be found. Years later it was argued that the decision to besiege the so called 'symbolic' target Moscow, instead of logically focussing on Kiev, and the resource rich Ukraine and Caucasus, was the one decision that made a Russian counterattack impossible. After the fall of Moscow, several figures in the Soviet Union claimed power and conflicts arose within the Soviet hierarchy, while the logistic system to wage war completely collapsed over night. The Soviet ability to resist was not completely lost, however. Several Soviet generals began to function independently from the fighting Soviet leadership and forced discipline in her troops. Resistance was especially fierce in Stalingrad and Leningrad, but eventually Germany was pushing towards Archangelesk and Baku by 1943.

Meanwhile, the Allies, pushed by both the allied victories over Japan in the Pacific and Italy in North and East Africa, but also the need of a second front in Europe before it was too late, launched an ill prepared invasion of Italy, codenamed Operation Husky (March 1944). Germany, in a strike of opportunity, forced the remaining leadership of the Soviets to sign a peace treaty (December 1943), in which they would be 'given' the right to remain ruling over Siberia, while European Russia was to be under German occupation. Germany decisively crush the invasion force (May 1944), capturing many Allied forces, thereby making any other allied invasion impossible in the years to come. Hitler embarks on a second attempt to force the English to a surrender (August 1944), by focusing again on an air and submarine war. The participation of the United States, however, made any German attempt at starving the United Kingdom a complete failure. Meanwhile, the Allies in turn have begun to bomb German industries and cities en masse. Germany, strangled by heavy manpower losses in the East and a bombing campaign from the West, opens up diplomatic channels with the Allies trough neutral Switzerland and Sweden. The Allies, they too being unable to break the stalemate, eventually decide on a truce with the Axis (April 1945), in order to focus on the Far East.

It should be noticed that the truce is very unlikely to last and satisfactory to none. Historians often claim Hitler himself was fiercly against any truce, but did so after heavy pleads from the Wehrmacht and the lesser radical Nazi's in Germany, while Britain was forced to deal with a dangerous neighbour by the United States. In (August 1946), the Allies finally defeated the Japanese Empire by launching two nuclear bombs on it and declared world peace.

Der Kalter Krieg

Although a formal end to the Second World War had happened, many still unsolved conflicts rage in the years after the war. Hitler declared to have won an ultimate victory and embarked on megalomanic projects to prove the superioty of the German Empire. It immediately started the colonisation of the conquered areas in the East, but it proved to be costfull and a bloody campaign. Nevertheless, Hitler vowed to continue on the colonisation of the East, dubbed 'Generalplan Ost'. Several elements in the German leadership pushed for a less radical plan in the East, but Hitler only satisfied them by sharing some of the Russian spoils with Finland and Romania, and giving nominal peace to several Russian groups. Immediately after the war, the German quality of life was skyhigh, fueled by peace and the spoils of conquered Europe, it is however to be seen how the European economy under Nazi rule will develop. In Italy and Vichy France, for instance, poverty and dissent rose, fueled by the loss of their colonial empire and the lack of war spoils. Both countries are dealing with heavy problems by 1947, and it remains to be seen if their current leaderships will remain in power.

The Allies in their turn are eying for any opportunity to contain the German power in the world. But other potential enemies are rising, too. In China, the informal allies of the United States, the nationalists, are under heavy pressure from the much more powerfull communists. The allied governments in exile, the Free French, the Belgians and the Dutch, are all dealing with independance movements. The United Kingdom meanwhile, isn't putting down the war economy anytime soon, with German forces only a few miles away. The United States, unaffected and more powerfull than ever, will have to extensively support it's allies to put a lock on further German expansion. This is the FATHERLAND's world.









# Credits :


- pakotorino (aka Pako) : Mod owner

- @Redding : Mod contributor. Special thanks !

Also thank you to :

-To Hirz and JJMerril for the possibilities to use and customize the Edge of Darkness events, thank you guys.

-To Fernando Torres and his wonderful World in Flames mod

-To Novapaddy for the complete revision and fix of errors

-To Ericafaq who is an inspiration with his Peace without victory mod

-To Bizon for allowing us to use files from his New World Order 2 mod. The NWO2 mod is ever a great inspiration.

-To Kaiserreich team for letting me use some of their files, thank you guys !

-To erica for the chinese area (ministers, tech and other stuffs)

-To Kretoxian for allowing us to incorporate his Cold War Tech Tree Expansion mod.

-To BeBro and The HOI3 Graphics Mod

-To QFM for some flavours events

-To all members of the community who contributed in the mod thread.

Complete changelog :

####################################################### # Fatherland Codename: 10th Anniversary Edition # Changelog ####################################################### ===== AI ===== - Major AI revisions as well as minor bugfixes - Germany (remade) - USSR - Great Britain - USA - Bulgaria - Italy - Some minors ===== DB ===== - CHINA Region - Added intro events for CHI, CHC, MAN - Adjusted starting CHI cabinet - Added a cabinet choice event for MAN (starting, Japanese, Manchu, Warlord, KMT Reegades) - Added a recurring civil war event for each MAN cabinet - Adapted triggers NWO Chinese Civil War events - Streamlined the end of Chinese Civil War events - added a path of victorious China to join UN/Axis/Comintern and receive aid from them - added Soviet/Chinese negotiations about the border if SOV grabbed some of Chinese territory - added uniform Mongolia, Sinkiang, Tibet recovery and integration chains - added seven paths for China to recover from post-civil war malus - three generic, three TAG-specific, one neutral-exclusive - added opium chain for new Chinese government - added Chinese holiday events - added Sinkiang Resourced mini-chain - COLD WAR events - added a Cold War relations system with counters and flags to enable gradual gliding towards global conflict between UN/Axis or Comintern/Axis - added generic incident and response events for Cold War - adjusted crisis events for new system so that available responses for current relations status - reworked Turkestan War (USSR/Turkestan) - reworked Vladivostok Crisis (UN/NRC) - reworked British/German nuclear race/sabotage war - added an option for neutral China to call UN/Axis for help in case SOV chooses to invade - added an option for neutral India to call UN/Axis for help in case SOV chooses to invade - reworked and expanded Marshall Plan events - adjusted GER, SOV, ENG first nuke events to affect Cold War tracker - updated UN Sanction events against POR/SPA/MAN/CHI/CHC if they join the Axis for new system - added/reworked events for each block entering WW3 if other two are fighting - added dissent reduction events for WW3 entry - adjusted nuke authorization event - GENERIC events - reworked almost all of generic events to allow more flexibility and options in internal politics - replaced Open/Closed Society slider with Social Budget/Austerity slider and added/adjusted corresponding events - replaced Hawk/Dove Lobby slider with Expert/Budget Military slider and added corresponding events for Military Reform - updated Democratic/Authoritarian and Interventionism/Isolationism slider effects - added A Change in Course decision for human players to force-move the sliders - updated political decisions like Indoctrination (now Youth Organization), War Propaganda, Sacred Union, Press Censorship - updated economy decisions like Invest in Sector of Industry (now Financial Mobilization), War Bonds, Women Work (now Foreign Labour Corps) - updated Winter/Jungle/Sturdy/Desert equipment decisions and AI triggers - updated Grand Offensive decision to make it universal, but differing in effects - updated Diplomatic Campaign decision with new extra events - added RGO Modernization decision - updated Mobilization system - Countries/REVOLT.TXT - U87 re-made as Japanese rebellion against Quing Empire in case of Japanese suppression - Russia/Comintern Region - added Anti-Bolshevik League for U57, U59, UPE, TRA to possibly agree to fight the Soviets together - updated Omsk/Kansk Fall events for Russian separatist minors to buff them updated - added option for U57 and U59 to united into one (or fight) if Bolsheviks are gone - added option for U57 and U59 to create a proper RUS with appropriate cabinet - updated interaction between RUS and CHI/MAN - updated SOV Grand Strategy in India and China events - added SOV event about integration of separatist units, malus if they are more than 20% of the Red Army - updated SOV Criminals Organize mini-chain - updated SOV Comintern Conference, Economic Cooperation, Military Reform events for new systems - MINISTERS - added new minister types and new ministers for Germany's eastern RKs - TECH - reworked GDE gain/loss by making it additive, so that GDE gain/loss in events would not be lost after reseraching next doctrine ===== GFX ===== - added a lot of pictures for events, ministers, scenario descriptions etc - updated some of the existing picture to better fit DH's poorly scalable UI well as other minor stuff like scenarion and event descriptions, bugfixes etc

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