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New HOI2 Arma MOD incoming - Cross of Iron

Some features and screenshots of a new mod for HOI2 Arma called Cross of Iron. I will update again once it is released.

From the modder Czudak:

A mod for the Iron Cross game, based on the non-banned, fully legit, initial version from Paradox Forum itself! Therefore, it will only require having HoI2:Armageddon (retail/Steam/GoG/cucumber will work) and will come with an installer for maximum launch/OS/end user's compatibility. Based on the newest v1.05 Beta 3 of IC, the mod features:

- new, smoothness-oriented layout scheme(s)

- new flags, counters, icons, and shields

- numerous bugs fixed

- renovated technology windows

- several restored technologies

- "fully technically texted" technologies (that had some weird "descriptions" before) with new pics

- spades of corrected pictures for ministers, leaders, and tech teams

- improved texts (but English only!)

- increased performance thanks to the custom wrapper (quite a lot, I say!)

- emphasize classic IC's strengths in the forms of massive, vanilla-oriented HoI2 maps, permanent "focus" technologies, no historical technology cap penalties, or 100% "sissy fit accurate" events all the time

- ongoing, continuous support

- non-mangled English language support only (for maximum compatibility)

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Jul 03

when it comes out?


Good work!


Jun 11

Holy that looks amazing

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