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"Looks Like HOI4: A mod that makes AOD look like HOI4" By Zamensis

(Originally posted on Jan 18, 2021)

Taken from Paradox forum post

Credit to Zamensis


See Installation below.

Version 0.92 (tested for AOD 1.08 to 1.12) 4th April 2023

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- Important: Before you install the mod, delete the folder "gfx\skins" (or just rename it).

- Now the installation. Extract the file you have downloaded into your AOD folder.

- If you use a mod that adds countries or changes the map, leave your "db" and "map" folders as they are, overwrite the rest. Otherwise, overwrite everything.

- You're done. Please share your opinions!


- Compatible with any version of AOD between 1.07 and 1.12. Savegame-compatible.

- Mostly compatible with most mods (see Installation). Some mismatches are to be expected (event pictures for example), but nothing game-breaking.

Note: This mod doesn't change the pictures for leaders, ministers, research teams, technologies, units, sprites, flags or unique provinces. For all these items, there are a few mods out there that will nicely complement this one.



Vanilla-style map icons 1.0 (4 KB) - Black map icons, vanilla-style, for those who don't like the orange ones.

Nazi flag 1.0 (94 KB) - Historical flag for Germany (original author unknown, adjustments by me).

Alternative Tech Tree Display - Unless you use a mod that adds/changes/removes techs, I recommend you use this one too. For AOD 1.07-1.12 only.


v. 0.91

- Insignificant tweaks, really.

v. 0.9

- Added a download link.


- HOI4, mainly.

- Some images I did myself.

- WIF, Mod33, GIP? A very small amount of assets might remain from other mods, having been used for testing in the earliest days of this project, years ago.

- In any case, if you happen to reckognize your work in this mod, please, contact me about it.

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