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"IRON Fist" AOD Mod by Boulvard

Iron Fist (1.471v 9th March 2023)

Version 1.00 Available from 1 November 2019 Latest version 1.471 from 09/03/2023.

Download always the latest version of Irön Fist mod from this links:

Click here and download Irön Fist Alternative link for download Irön Fist If you encounter problems downloading the game, I'm updating, try the alternative link or try again after 90 minutes. After installing the updates I always recommend starting a new game. Irön Fist does not use sprites but only the NATO counters. I recommend following the various posts dedicated to Irön Fist to stay updated on corrective patches. Introduction: Developed by Boulvard, an italian passionate of history. Complete translation in English and Italian, hybrid translation with English for other languages. Irön Fist introduces numerous novelties and improvements as specific doctrines for the main game nations, customized military units for the main game nations. Great compromise between playability and historical accuracy. Compendium's gaming events on explicit permission of the creator Luxor with the addition of many other new features. Personal notes from the creator: Like most of you, I too am a history buff. From the first moment I played Hearts of Iron 2, I wanted to be able to modify the game and create my own MOD. When I saw the birth of the "Compendium" developed by Luxor and the "CORE", I realized that the enterprise would be possible, it was only a matter of time. Inspired by the excellent work of Luxor, the "Compendium", my long sleepless nights spent with the editor, graphic image editing programs, creation of hundreds of events, search modifications, unit modifications, translations, modifications on the artificial intelligence files, additions on permission of other MODs and thousands of games of the only beta tester available, my uncle, who is also a big fan of HOI 2, has constantly tested giving me his precious help. In “IRON FIST” I tried to keep the best possible compromise between historicity and playability. I chose "Arsenal of Democracy" because of the absence of bugs, the work started from this base, on Luxor's consent I then integrated graphic elements of the never born "Pact of Steel" and events of the "Compendium", later they would be arrive all the news made personally by me. Ultimately, “IRON FIST” was born from the passion of 2 people, myself and my uncle. I have no big claims, if "IRON FIST" does not like it I will accept it serenely, I am not skilled as a programmer, surely there are those who are better than me in these things. I want to believe that at least someone will play it and enjoy it for free. "IRON FIST" cost me a lot in terms of time, consider that I am a simple metal worker, I work shifts, I had to do everything in my free time and in the middle of the night. I am finally happy to make it freely available to those who want to play with it. Do not ask me for variations, the game will remain so, as well as correcting the errors for the moment I will not do anything else. Boulvard. Promotional video: Irön Fist youtube video Main new features in Irön Fist:

  • Playable in all languages of the original game, the Italian player can finally enjoy a complete and total translation.

  • Base of AOD, on which I integrated the graphics of Pact of Steel and many events modified, retouched and improved, but also original, of the Compendium.

  • Integrated the 1.11 patch of AOD, so just have the pure original game, without updated patches, the MOD also provides for the 1.11 update.

  • Many new events including: attack on Pearl Harbor, complex system of events for secret plans to subject the Balkans to Germany, events dedicated to women, operation "Husky" (for AI), operation "Overlord" (for AI), operation "Felix" (for AI), development of historic Germanic HQ units, German night fighters, detailed events reproducible the Great Soviet Patriotic War, "Fall Grun" (for AI) operation for the German invasion of Ireland.

  • New technological research.

  • Dedicated research in land doctrines for the main gaming nations in order to reproduce the characteristics and specialties of these nations.

  • New air doctrines dedicated to the main nations of the game as well as the land ones.

  • Dedicated divisions for the main countries of the game reproducing the division in size and also in the values such as organization, morals, light attack, lightness, defense, etc...

  • New type of division, the "security division", considered as a mobile garrison, while the normal garrisons that remain to be non-mobile, are intended more as troops stationed in fortifications.

  • New aggregable brigades of various types and innovative features for some of them.

  • New models of multi-role fighters, searchable as "heavy fighters" that guarantee a long range, ideal for escorting bombers as they no longer have the escort fighters as an aggregate brigade. Fighting squads will have to carry out, as in reality, the bombers escort, integrating themselves in bombers' storms.

  • Two alternative multi-role turbojet developments.

  • Research linked together in order to follow a realistic logic, it will be necessary to search for certain armaments and doctrines before seeking a type of unity or armament.

  • The CAGs for aircraft carriers and naval scouts belong to aerial research and will no longer be developed automatically in naval research.

  • In industrial research there is now the possibility of accumulating supplies and releasing them at the desired time by carrying out rapid researches which simulate the logistic and industrial costs for accumulation and release.

  • Compendium naval doctrines fully integrated with various modifications.

  • Looking for specific armored vehicles that generate new units of aggregate battalions of the light tank type, medium tank, MBT and heavy tank, a feature inspired by the Compendium but with substantial differences.

  • Many new colored graphic models of units and many new black and white images for the units.

  • 463 new event images.

  • New ministers, new military leaders and new research groups.

  • Events of historical importance with personal audio introduction, such as the fall of Berlin or the attack on Pearl Harbor.

  • Extensive system of events for the Soviet player offering the choice to reorganize Soviet armored troops into brigades, as happened historically.

  • Particular development of the elite troops with particular care for the Waffen SS and for the Soviet Guards.

  • Desperate war in case of invasion of the main nations of the game, it will no longer be possible to annex the United States of America with a few dozen divisions. The desperate war is available for Germany, the Soviet Union, the United States, Great Britain and Japan.

  • Partisan war on Soviet, Chinese, Yugoslavian and US soil, it escalates or not based on the choices of the invader.

  • Detailed development of British expeditionary corps in France, Norway and Greece.

  • Detailed development of the Afrika Korps.

  • Realistic submarine warfare for Germany's artificial intelligence will have to deal with formidable wolf packs simulating war in the Atlantic.

  • Type 1944 Infantry Division for Germany, based on a smaller number of soldiers, saves labor force, which can be activated by the player when human reserves are scarce and the military situation deteriorates.

  • Particular militia development system for Germany. For Germany there are no real militias as for the other nations, but a unit that in strength and values simulates the Volksgrenadier-Division and the Luftwaffen-Feld-Division, so they will be visible on the map as regular infantry divisions much higher than the militias, economic to produce but still inferior to common infantry.

  • Organic of air units reduced to a quarter compared to previous versions of HOI 2, this allows a more realistic and proportionate relationship between the Luftwaffe and the air forces of all other nations.

  • The 1943 armored cavalry is now available only to countries that traditionally have always had strong cavalry such as Poland, or that have developed light mechanized divisions such as the US and the UK. The armored cavalry of 1946 instead will be available for all nations.

  • Faithful reproduction of the events of September 8th Italian, with events for the arrest of Mussolini at the king's residence, the release of Mussolini from the hotel on the Gran Sasso, the meeting with Hitler in Monaco and the birth of RSI.

  • Events for the English player for the creation on option of choice of the Italian cobelligerent army, faithful reproduction of the troops of the Italian cobelligerent army managed by English.

  • Event system that reproduces the Stalinist purges in detail.

  • Development of the "Italian expeditionary forces to Russia, CSIR".

  • Development of the "Italian expeditionary forces to Russia, ARMIR".

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