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"[DH-MOD] Formable Nations and Dynamic Flags Mod" By John Doe

+ Overview +

This mod adds lots of details and improvements to the base game. It has dynamic country flags and names that change based on ideology, adds several formable nations, allows natural reunifications to occur between opposing governments of the same nation, allows nations to assimilate new cores, adds an experimental event chain which gives every country in the world the potential to join any alliance, and contains a modified 1939 scenario allowing for players to control purely the military aspect of WWII for any given faction.

+ Flags +

Hundreds of new flags have been added to the game. These are based on real historical flags representing the specific ideologies of their respective countries. Not every ideology is different enough to warrant a totally separate flag (social liberal and market liberal, for instance, could both reasonably be considered centrist). Most countries have about 3-4 different flags, and some have as many as many as 8. Some smaller nations do not have any alternative flags (e.g. Namibia or Nicaragua).

The new formable nations have their own sets of flags as well. Some flags are specific to who has puppeted a country. For instance, a German puppeted Norway will be called "Reichskommissariat Norwegen" while a Soviet puppeted Norway will be "People's Republic of Norway". All new flags also have accompanying counters and icons.

+ Formable Nations +

There are several new events which allow the formation of larger theoretical countries. These include:

The Roman Empire : Formable by Italy. Requires control of at least three of the following: Rome, Athens, Istanbul, London, Cairo, Paris, or Madrid.

Austria-Hungary : Formable by either Austria or Hungary. Can be formed either diplomatically through a secret event chain, or by either country controlling both Vienna and Budapest.

Scandinavia : Formable by Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland or Iceland. Requires at least two Scandinavian capitals (starting country's counts).

Byzantium : Formable by Greece. Requires Athens and Istanbul.

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth : Formable by either Poland or Lithuania. Requires Warsaw and Kaunas.

Arab-Federation : Formable by Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen or Palestine. Requires Cairo, Jerusalem, and Baghdad.

Gran Columbia : Formable by Columbia. Requires Bogotá and Caracas.

Indochina : Formable by Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia. Requires control over all three capitals.

Central America : Formable by Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica or Panama. Requires control of at least two capitals.

Yugoslavia : Formable by Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro or Slovenia. Requires Belgrade, Zagreb and Sarajevo.

Benelux : Formable by Netherlands, Belgium, Flanders or Wallonia. Requires at least two capitals.

Belgium : Formable by Flanders or Wallonia. Requires Brussels and Liege.

Baltic State : Formable by Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia. Requires at least two capitals.

China : Formable by any of the Chinese warlord states assuming that Nationalist China no longer exists. Requires control over Beijing and Chongqing.

Germany : Formable by Prussia, Bavaria, Hanover, Rhineland, Austria or Luxemburg. Requires at least four of the following: Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich or Vienna.

+ Reunifications +

Nations that can be split ideologically (such as Nationalist Spain and the Spanish Republic) can now reunify assuming that one country's government changes to match the other. The country which will take the dominant role in the annexation process is always the one whose ideology is already naturally aligned (Nationalist Spain being Autocrat/Fascist, for instance). For example, if the Soviet Union performs a successful coup on west Germany while east Germany exists, east Germany will automatically annex west Germany. If east Germany does not exist, west Germany will simply become east Germany as usual. Additionally, if a player were to manually change their ideology in the diplomatic menu, they are now given the option to form the new opposition government through the flagchange event. Also, a player that is on the receiving of an annexation will always be notified by an event beforehand, so there is no worry about a game abruptly ending with no explanation due to being coup'd.

The countries that this currently applies to include:

German Reich / German Democratic Republic / German Federal Republic

French Republic / French Socialist Republic

North Korea / South Korea

Communist China / Nationalist China

Spanish Republic / Nationalist Spain / Spanish Democractic Republic


Russia / Soviet Union

United Kingdom / English Republic

Polish State / Polish Socialist Republic

Czechia / Communist Czechia

Austria / Communist Austria

Romania / Communist Romania

Bulgaria / Communist Bulgaria

Yugoslavia / Communist Yugoslavia

Greece / Communist Greece

Turkey / Communist Turkey / Ottoman Empire

Italy / Communist Italy

Albania / Communist Albania

Hungary / Communist Hungary

Netherlands / Communist Netherlands

Belgium / Communist Belgium

Denmark / Communist Denmark

Sweden / Communist Sweden

Norway / Communist Norway

Finland / Communist Finland

Portugal / Communist Portugal

+ Political Turmoil Event Chain +

There are a new set of decisions that allow players as well as the AI to more radically influence the direction that their nation takes in WWII. These events allow for interesting scenarios that are otherwise impossible in the base game. For example, the UK can leave the Allies, join the Axis or Comintern, or simply remain neutral.

Nations which are already members of a major alliance have a lower likelihood of leaving and joining another compared to neutral countries. Additionally, nations are more likely to join the alliance which currently reflects their respective ideology. Liberals lean towards Allies, Right-wingers towards Axis, and Left-wingers towards Comintern. The decisions are structured so that AI countries do not collectively take them all at once, and some countries may never activate the decisions at all over the course of the game.

+ Modified 1939 Scenario +

This mod also contains a modified 1939 scenario called "Class War" located at the bottom of the scenarios list. The idea of this scenario is to allow the player to take pure military control over an entire faction and play through WWII while offloading all other aspects of the game (research, diplomacy, events, trade, etc.) on the AI. This offers a more casual, faster-paced and action-oriented version of the game. Feel free to download the (DH Full) Version 4.0 LATEST here: CSMF v4.7z

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