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DH Guide to Modding: Useful Tools and List of Mods

Useful Tools and Modding Guides

This isn't everything but nearly everything. Please do let me know what links don't work etc at

Map tools



DH List Generator - Generate Leaders, Ministers and Tech Teams


1.) Arms Armistice and Revolutions (AAR) - links the 1914-Scenario to the classical 1936 grand campaign, thereby offering half a century of pure political, economical and social turmoil to play. It takes care of guiding the major powers of WW2 so they can then pursue their individual, (a)historical paths in a new, great War. Of course you may stray off the path of history and create a very different Second World War. - Playable

2.) 1914 - Extends timeline to 1897 and adds 4 new scenarios (1897, 1911, 1914, 1917). - Playable

3.) 1933 - Adds 1933 scenario and improves on the already existing one - Playable

4.) The Great War Improvement Mod - Makes historical alliances and adds new startdate for 1914 scenario - Playable

5.) New World Order 2 - Improves Post War experience with new events and planned new scenarios - Playable

6.) Space Race Mod - Adds new space events such as satellite launches and creating National Space Agencies. - Playable

7.) Total Realism Project 1.0 - TRP contains a complex event structure, it's own AI, which does not depend on cheats and gifts of tons of units, a completly reworked techtree, new countries of historic relevance, elite units, an optimised combat engine and lot's of adjusted parameters to play World War 2 authentic and enjoyable. - Playable

8.) World in Flames - Adds new AI, elite units, general improvements, and so much more. - Playable

9.) Fallout's Doomsday 2.0 - Creates the Fallout universe in Darkest Hour! - Playable

10.) Kaiserreich - Germany wins WW1, socialist nations appear in Britain and France, problems in America, colonies falling apart, and so much more! - Playable

11.) Hegemonia - Has a completely new world and new events based off of a story that started in 1066 with Crusader Kings - Playable

12.) New Age of the Roman Empire (NARE) - Requires AAR and creates a scenario where the Roman Empire is reborn through revolution in 1914 - Playable

13.) Democratic Germany Mod - Offers you the option of creating a democratic Germany in the 1933 scenario - Playable

14.) Ruĝa Krepusko - Alternate history mod where a massive communist nation rules over the world and begins to weaken. - Playable

15.) Byzantium Mod - Allows you to play as the Byzantines in game! - Playable

16.) Domination of the Draka Mod - Allows you to play in the alternate history Draka universe - Playable

17.) The Bonaparte Mod - Alternate History where France ends up the agressive power in WW1 and WW2 and the Confederate Sates win the Civil War, and the north is a socialist power. - Playable

18.) The Red Scare - Fight in a 3 way civil war between Hitler,DFR and the DDR! Prepare for war against Canada for Alaska's Oil! - Playable

19.) Epsilon Mod - Rebalances game to add more flavor and plausibility to the game - Playable

20.) HSR Mod - Completely alters the base game (events, techs, AI, graphics, etc). Focused on Germany - Playable

21.) 18th Century Mod - Allows you to play DH during the American Revolution, Napoleonic Wars, and American Civil War! - Playable

22.) EmKeiEn Mod - Reworks database and tweaks AI so it uses nukes as well as allowing alternate war where Allies reach Berlin first - Playable

23.) Yugoslav Wars Mod - Adds new battlescenario with edited map that allows you to play as a Balkan country during Yugoslavia's Civil War in the 1990's - Playable

24.) 2064 Mod - Takes place after a nuclear war. The third world inherits a scarred Earth and the old order isn't done yet.... - Playable

25.) World of Empires Mod - Alternate history mod that starts in a 1923 where WW1 never happened - Playable

26.) MDS2DH - Converts the Modern Day Scenario 2 mod to the new Darkest Hour map - Playable

27.) Age of Uncertainty (alternate history mod) - This is based on a history where the shogun still rules Japan, and where the United States stayed out of WW1 - Playable

28.) 1984 - Creates the 1984 universe in DH - Playable

29.) Fatherland - Scenario where Nazis win WW2, based off of the novel "Fatherland" by Robert Harris - Playable

30.) World in Flames II - Improved version of World in Flames mod, meant to be played with 1933 scenario -Playable

32.) World in Conflict -Playable


1.) Chtiquick Icons pack- Adds new unit icons - Playable

2.) Flagchanges Project - Allows you to change your flag in game! Page also has Arcanjo Zero's alternate flagchange project. - Playable

3.) Francesco's Models Mod - Replaces the vanilla black & white model photos with coloured drawings. - Playable

4.) Kazoo's SKIF style icons mod - Replaces vanilla icons with SKIF style icons - Playable

5.) World Pics Mod - Adds picture to all provinces across the world. - Playble

6.) Novapaddy's counters mod - Makes the counters look like sprites but have all the information on counters. - Playable

7.) WW1 Mini Mod: Germany improved - German military leaders improved - Playable

8.) KR flags in DH Style - Makes KR flags better! - Playable

9.) Zimons Icon Mods - Changes resource icons and map icons - Playable

10.) German Models improvement Mod - Improves German unit models - Playable

11.) Cpack Style Icons - Replaces icons with icons that are the outline of that specific unit - Playable

12.) Graphic Improvement Project - Changes the icons and other graphics in DH - Playable

13.) DH Complete German Leader Pack - Contains complete German leader replacements for both 1936 and 1914 scenarios - Playable

14.) Neat Color Scales Mod - Changes color scales to generally darker colors - Playable

15.) TremblingBlue's Color Scales - Changes color scales to generally lighter colors - Playable

16.) UCiP Mod - Changes Unit Cards - Playable

17.) Air Counter mini mod - Allows you to play with actual NATO symbols for air counters - Playable

18.) PPP Mod - Adds province pictures for many major settlements across the world - Playable

19.) HOI3 Graphics for DH - Adds HOI3 like icons and graphics into the game - Playable

20.) BeardedHoplite's Leaders and Ministers - Adds more leaders and ministers - Playable

21.) DEC Map - DH Map Mod - Playable

22.) New SKIF style icons for darkest hour CWTTE and NWO 2 - Adds SKIF style icons for darkest hour CWTTE and NWO 2 - Playable

23.) Unit Model Completion Mod - This is a graphic mod which completes the list of unit models - Playable

Smaller Mods

1.) New Nations Mini Mod - Adds several new nations to game - Playable

2.) Axis Leaders and Ministers Pack - Added and redid many Axis leaders and ministers! - Playable

3.) Event Cheats Mod - adds event cheats similar to those in HOI2 - Playable

4.) Old Style Combat Mod - changes AI files and unit stats to rework the DH combat system - Playable

5.) UN Scenario - Adds a scenario that gives player control of every country in the world - Playable

6.) Communist Germany Mod - Greatly improves Communist Germany from 1933 scenario in DH full. - Playable

7.) 2012 Borders Mod - Adds the country borders as of 6th April 2012 and is intended to be used by anyone who wants to create a modern scenario - Playable

8.) Election Day Mini Mod - Allows you to wage political campaigns and call for general elections - Playable

9.) AEIOU Mod - Enables you to play as Austria-Hungary in 1936 - Playable

10.) C.O.R.E. Mod - Conversion of the CORE mod for DH - Playable

11.) Historical Improvement Mod - Makes the game more historical and provides a more realistic scenario - Playable

12.) Herrebrugh's atmosphere enhancing mods - Add more patriotic flavor to the game - Playble

13.) Tech Tree Extension Project (TTEP) - Greatly expands and improves upon vanilla tech trees - Playable

14.) Greece Improvement Project for AAR mod - Adds new scenarios, new countries, and otherwise greatly improves Greece and the Balkans for the AAR mod! - Playable

15.) Waffen SS Minimod - Adds events for Germany to get some historical SS units - Playable

16.) Separate SS units minimod - Creates many separate historical SS units through decision and allows you to refit them as time goes on - Playable

17.) KM's Quick and Nasty Byzantine Mod - Created as a basis and starting point for other more fleshed out Byzantine mods - Playable

18.) Big Time Latvia Mod - Greatly improves Latvia and other Baltic nations! - Playable

19.) Taxes and Reforms Mod - Allows you to set taxes and do social reforms such as Minimum Wage policies - Playable

20.) Alliance Leader Mod - Gives you a decision to take over one of the main alliances in the game if you are part of it - Playable

21.) Ministers Improvement Mod - Makes ministers more historic and improves on minister traits - Playable

22.) Improved Yugoslavia - Adds new Minister and Tech Teams for Yugoslavia - Playable

23.) E3 Map Project for DH - Adds thousands of new provinces to the DH map - Playable

24.) AI in Flames - Gives AI hidden bonuses at key points in game to make game more challenging - Playable

25.) The DH improvement mod - Adds new events and decisions to game - Playable

26.) Democratic Soviet Union Mod - Allows you to choose between Russian Republic and Soviet Union in 1933 Day of Decision event - Playable

27.) Kaissereich SKIF for DH - This contains every model from what is available at the beginning all the way up to the early 50s at least: all ground, air, and naval models with their respective countries flags or icons - Playable

28.) Panzerreich - A major edit to Kaiserreich that makes a lot of changes to misc.txt and other files. - Playable

29.) A King for Italy - A Kaiserreich mod that will give you the opportunity to give a king to the Italian Federation - Playable

30.) Fall Weiss - Battle Scenario - Adds a battle scenario for the invasion of Poland. Will be implemented in 1.03 patch. - Playable

31.) Darkest Hour Mixed Mod - Mixes together several mods, like the Flagchanges project, New Nations mod, and others, and adds some new stuff to the game. - Playable

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