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Check out the wiki !

After lots and lots of hard work we now have the wiki in a good shape.

You can reach it here or navigate to wiki on the website.

Do note that this mostly relates to the original HOI2 and not the new variants Darkest Hour and Arsenal of Democracy. If anyone is willing to start adding in pages for those you are most welcome.

Please please take a look and feedback to or on our discord

If you want to edit the steps are:

  1. Create an account using this link.

  2. Request edit permissions using the above contact methods.

  3. Go to the wiki page you’d like to edit and press the menu button. Inside, the “Edit current page” button will take you to a different tab where you can edit the content and save it.

Are if you familar with GitHub then there is a repo here:

the GitHub repo and make changes there. Check out for how to edit.

Example page:

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