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"Blood & Iron mod for Darkest Hour" by the wandering knight

version 1 released on Aug 7, 2020

version 1.1 released on Oct 3, 2022

Blood & Iron merges the best modders work for Darkest Hour from the past years and expands on it for an immersive WWII and WWI grand strategy experience.


- Mod built on World in Flames 2 latest version which includes WWI scenario with a ton of new events for both WWII and WWI. Also new special units like SS, kamikazes, ghurkas, rangers, ski infantry and great war tanks. Merged many of Edge of Darkness events, game balance and AI. Game balance is a bit of WiF2, EoD and my own. 1933 and 1914 scenarios available.

- Sprites ranging from WWI to the first jet fighters all carefully selected from the best work made through the years from several modders (Imperator/Chicken Spadge, BeBros, Puma, Odecca, Dima Strannik). I've also improved, fixed, reworked and expanded on it, so that all sprites look good together and that none feel out of place.

- Francesco's Models Mod that replaces the vanilla black & white model photos with coloured drawings. I've also updated it to the 1.05 version of DH as there was ID changes and other changes, I've also added appropriate images to the extra brigade divisions and also replaced the vanilla for generic ones so no more vanilla images.

- Kazoo's SKIF style icons mod that replaces the vanilla unit icons models.

- Decriser's DEC Map mod that adds terrain information on political map mode.

- Official Graphic Pack that overalls most of the UI and flags, I've also used some bits of Horton13's Graphic Improvement Project.

- tioperete's ProvincePics Project mod that adds a ton of new province pictures.

- Map icons from Total Realism Project that goes very well with the sprites, I've also used the topbar_folder file for the main interface buttons which merges perfectly with the UI.

- Replaced many of the small UI icons.

- Immersive WWII and WWI era music playlists for the major factions and alternative classical music playlists, all volume leveled to 91db in Mp3Gain. You can also add your own music easily.

- Add your own music easily: just copy your own mp3 to the music folder in Blood and Iron's folder and add the mp3 names to My_Music text file (1 name in each line, game reads from top to down), names should not contain spaces. Then in game just choose My Music from the Playlist event.

- Historical speeches and music for some important events.


Events, game balance and AI:

- World in Flames 2

- Edge of Darkness


- Imperator (sprites creator) / Chicken Spadge (conversion to DH) - Infantry and cavalry sprites.

- BeBros - Ships, motorized and mechanized sprites.

- Puma - Tanks, helicopters, rockets, most WWII aircrafts.

- Odecca - WWI aircafts, German naval and jet aircrafts, some tanks (Tiger, Leopards, AMX30, A7V-U, Bison).

- Dima Strannik - Most Japanese aircrafts.

UI and overall graphics:

- Total Realism Project - Map icons and topbar_folder file.

- Francesco's Models Mod

- Kazoo's SKIF Style Icons

- Decriser's DEC Map

- Official Graphic Pack

- Horton13's Graphic Improvement Project - Main menu, loadscreen.

- tioperete's ProvincePics Project

Some pics:


- Extract to your Darkest Hour/Mods folder

- Choose Blood and Iron v1.1 on the launcher mods list (also check Unit sprites and Country-specific graphics)

- Play and have fun

(Note: the game might take up to around 1min and 15sec to launch due to the huge amount of sprites and events)

Darkest Hour 1.05 required

Checksum: MCIQ

Blood and Iron v1.1 on modb DOWNLOAD

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