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AOD MOD Spotlight - 1964

1964 is a mod which covers the timespan of an alternate-history era of 1964 to 2012. Following the disastrous events of World War II (which ended in Allied defeat in 1953), the world has split into three factions.

The Axis Alliance: a Fascist alliance that spans from Iceland to South Africa, from the Atlantic to Moscow, is the most technologically advanced of the three, but one of the most devastated by war. South America is in the Pro-Axis camp, having initially been their allies until the Venezuela Conflict of 1957.

The Soviet Union: a behemoth state comprising of Siberia, India, and China. Initially all subjects of occupation after the Soviet attack on the Allies in the 1950s, they have grown in unity and cooperation.

The Chicago Pact: the third of the sects, is a coalition of the remaining democracies of the free world. The USA, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. Currently, they are engaged in a war with the Soviet Union, only recently defeating the Red Army in Australia.

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