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"AOD DEC MOD (feat. Darkest Hour Map) - ReUpload 2021" by Decriser

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

(Originally posted on Sept 2, 2011)

Edited on August 2, 2021

Arsenal of Democracy 1.10 DEC MOD v.20.3

I have done this Re-Upload if anybody wants to play AOD with the DH-Map. So far no other conversion has taken place (as far as I know). Personally I still favor AOD over DH and HOI4. Therefore me and some friends will keep playing this one.

Highlights: - Use of the DH (Darkest Hour) Map - Geographical information painted in the political map - Modified AI for more challenging gameplay - More than a dozen of new music files - Graphical enrichment with Sprites (Bebro’s, Puma, Dr. Rare….) // SKIF - Totally new structured techtree - New diplomacy graphics - More city areas in the game - Modified balancing and game mechanics


1935 Road to War (like in AOD but with DH map) 1935 Götterdämmerung (4 Player Coop - multiplayer scenario against the rest of the world / adapted IC's to give a challlenge) Disclaimer:

You are only allowed to download this MOD if you own: - Arsenal of Democracy - Darkest Hour Game Files v.20.3

1.) Download the files posted 2.) Unpack the zip-files

Credits and thanks I also used contents of other mods and add-ons. Special thanks to these people for making the game better and spending a lot of time to do this. - Bebro, Puma & Dr. Rare for their marvellous sprites - The darkest hour team for their wonderful new map - SKIF project team for their really nice unit pics/icons - Design MOD Team for their work (used some stuff) - Titan79 and his TRIPARTITE PACK (used some stuff) - Everyone else who contributed content (music, graphic, ...) Have fun! Decriser

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