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AOD 1.14 release will have the following map and other details:

Darkest Hour to AoD Map Project

The screenshot shows the heavily modified E3 map that Czarina Julie (AOD dev) tested with the current 1.13 release. (The reason it won't be released in 1.13 is due to the time it would take and it would push back further the 1.13 release).


This thread will contain the list of items that will be in the 1.14 release. The list is informal and can change due to many factors.


Please understand that most of the 1.14 release time is dedicated to the map update, Decisions (similar to DH), and pushed/undone items from 1.13.

  1. Map Update - If an agreement can't be made between AoD and the EU3 folks, then this will not be a map imported from another Paradox game but done from scratch. It will contain many more provinces (sea and land) to help define borders (states, provinces, territories, country, and historical borders).

  2. Decision Events - Similar to Darkest Hour's Decisions

  3. Tech Teams Locations (currently in an undetermined status due to enough players not wanting it. Team needs to discuss.) - Some tech teams are individuals but many are companies, corporations, or province dependent teams. These types of teams should be linked to the provinces they operate out of. Think of how the Soviets had to relocate their factories during Germany's advance, tank production factories, shipyards, etc. or the factories that Germany used in occupied territories (like tank production in Prague).

    • A tech team that is one of these types have a percentage to become a tech team for the occupier. This percentage could be affected by the occupier's government type and ministers.

    • If it does become a tech team for the occupier then again the government type and minister along with a new parameter/modifier called assimilatedteammodifier or occupiedteammodifier would modify the occupied team's skill level.

  • River Crossing difficulty - Currently there already exists river crossing but they are all set to 100. We need to edit the difficulties.

  • Build/fund infrastructure in an allied country - Just as it says, the ability for an allied nation to build infrastructure in another allied nation's provinces. Think of Germany, Japan, and others after WW2 and the different Allied plans to help these countries recover.

  • Fortification Directions (Status is in review. Players have concerns about game performance)- The coastal fortifications only work as a multiplier against forces attacking from the sea but land fortifications have 360 degree multiplier. The Maginot line only pointed towards Germany, not France, but it has 360 degree protection/modifier.

  • Earlier Technologies (To Be Determined) - Add technologies to all screens for the years 1890 - 1925/28. This has been done in 1.13.

  • 5 player/user definable divisions

  • 5 player/user definable research types

  • New Research Types:

    • Medical Science

    • Biological Science

    • Computer Science

    • Intelligence Focus

    • Prototype Testing

    • Vehicle Engineering

    • Army Engineering

    • Munitions

    • Individual Weapons

    • Crew Serve Weapons

    • Carrier Design

    • Ship Design

    • Large Ships Design

    • Submarine Design

    • Fighter Design

    • Bomber Design

    • Naval Aviation

    • Rotary Wing Aviation

    • Avionics

    • Logistics

    • Armor Focus

  • Add an option to right-click a province and lay a claim to it and add code to right-click a province and lay a claim to it.

  • Be allowed to "cross" change/upgrade division types are Infantry to Airborne, Air Assault, Mountain, Motorized, and Mechanized. They would need to go through an upgrade process to simulate the new training and equipment.

  • Create a new event type (start_construct) that would start a build with a specified number of serial runs. Example: Start an infrastructure serial build of 10 in Berlin command = { type = start_construct which = infrastructure where = 300 value = 10 }

  • If a player hovers over a division it shows the upgrade progress of this unit.

  • Nuclear Reactors & Warheads:

  • Nuclear warheads produced quicker with more allowable Nuclear Reactors (currently 10 maximum) 1.13 now allows up to 16 Nuclear reactors.

  • The number of nuclear reactors sites and an X amount of rares determines how quick the next nuclear warhead is produced. The X amount of rares per nuclear reactor would be a user configurable variable in the misc.txt file.

  • For the smaller countries, smaller ships than the destroyer - One technology tree that will release:

    1. Torpedo, PT, E boats - These will have a very restrictive range with high speed, low surfacedefense, low airdefense, low visibility stats

    2. Coastal frigate - About the same speed as a comparable year destroyer with lesser other stats of a destroyer with limited range.

  • Add more pre-WW1 and during WW1 technologies for those wanting to create a WW1 mod.

  • Incorporate the ASW into a new Sonar technology tree.

  • Add a new Communications technology tree.

  • When the Vichy event fires, Vichy becomes France (and takes the FRA tag) while De'Gaulle gets the new country, and its flag, Free France (FFF...Free French Forces)

  • List in your interface all units under your command, not just your own nation's units (Land, Sea, Air groups). It is a PIA to be searching around for, say, allied Naval transports or air units, etc that are easily "lost" on a load from a saved game. As it is now, we must "hunt around" the map for them.

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