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AAR for DH

(Here a screenshot about the armisticie after the world war I from the mod)

Today I bring you a mod for DH that many know and was missing until now, this mod in question is called "Arms, Armistice and Revolutions" which left us in 2012 but became "The great campaign from 1914 to 1991", the files of both mods can be found in the repository section and here I leave you a small introduction to it:

Arms, Armistice and Revolutions(AAR) links the 1914-Scenario to the classical 1936 grand campaign, thereby offering half a century of pure political, economical and social turmoil to play. It takes care of guiding the major powers of WW2 so they can then pursue their individual, (a)historical paths in a new, great War. Of course you may stray off the path of history and create a very different Second World War.

In contrast to many other mods, AAR aims to provide the essential parts of the scenario first, before providing a absolute historical accuracy of all the turmoil happening in the interwar period. Thus the mod initially offers a link based on a historical outcome of WW1 (Germany, Ottoman Empire & Austria-Hungary defeated), and adding all the eye candy things (like historical ministers) later on. The primary objective always is to link the 1914 and 1936 scenarios and possible other alternative history timelines in an enjoyable, meaningful way to allow them function and play smoothly.

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