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Germany world conquest (test)

In order to complete this challenge you are required to conquer all major powers as Germany.
Starting scenario is 1936.
No mods enabled.

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Explaination for world conquest Germany. based on hoi4 knowledge

In roder to fully defeat all major powers as Germany, starting 1936 scenario, best start would be an early justification on Hungary and Yugoslavia. Because of early guarantees, you will be able to get Romania and France for free. -Since France has disjoined government national spirit it would be easy just to paradrop Paris.

After that, operation Sea Lion would be a huge bonus, because you can get Canadian land for later fight with USA. USSR should be fairly easy since they will be under purge. And the biggest fight will come from Japan. Whos navy will cause you many issues. One way to deal with that is just raiding him with basic submarines and depriving him from oil. After defeating Japan it is game over, and challenge is compleated!

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