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Forlorn Hope - A Germany Endsieg AAR by Rolexovsky

The war continues to rage. Despite the recent successes, the situation Germany finds itself in is beyond dire nonetheless. The divisions that have been fighting ceaselessly in recent weeks are running low on both men and morale. That is shown the best by their inability to dislodge the Allied divisions from Longwy.

defeat longwy.png
lenski w.png

The first of the encircled Americans surrenders in Eupen. Many more remain defiant.

However, there's still some steam in the German war machine, and it won't be deterred b minor setbacks. Lenski stands his ground in Reims and is seemingly hell-bent on reaching Paris.

destroyed eupen.png

Someone in the economic ministry handed a memo to Speer regarding how he never *actually* said that the workers working overtime in the factories won't be paid due to the state of war, so he rectifies that immediately. Now everyone knows Germany is at war and the workers are no longer misguided about some nonexistent Christmas bonuses.

peacetime economy.png

The greatest German victory since God knows when unfolds itself: 23 remaining American divisions under Eisenhower place their faith in the Geneva convention and decide to surrender.


(Sorry for the poor quality of the screenshot, couldn't embed it for some reason so I screencapped a screenshot. Buncha divs dead anyway.)

The victorious Germans enter Lille, finally linking up with the exhausted survivors in Dunkirk, destroying a number of Allied planes that haven't been evacuated in the confusion. Even more American divisions are encircled.

lille taken.png

The Americans don't waste any time in attempting a counterattack, but it's a desperate effort doomed to fail.

lille counterattacked.png

While their brethren in France are bleeding, the lone American motorized division finally trucks its way into the city of Prague, where they will presumably deplete the city's beer reserves before continuing somewhere else.

prague reached (1).png

The American resistance in Brussels and Sedan ceases, allowing for a renewed push towards Paris.

After the bloody battle German troops have taken the Sedan-Brussels region and ensured the control of the objectives posed by general staff.

Military police swiftly arrives in the region to ensure the compliance.

battles won.png

The defenders of Dunkirk finally get their ranks bolstered by fresh (in comparison) troops, giving them

some well-deserved rest.

dunkirk lives.png
american fools.png

The American division from Prague has decided to advance further northwards, undoubtedly in an attempt to secure a beneficial position for the Allies in the postwar division of Europe. One unfortunate detail is that German doesn't intend to lose this war, and now is actually able not to due to their greed. This shortens the front with the Soviets to only four provinces.

laon attacked.png

General von dem Bach-Zelewski takes some time out of his day to attack Laon, greatly diminishing his ability to enjoy his hobby, namely retributions to civilians. The other generals were laughing at Lenski when he said that he will take Paris despite being a mere divisional commander. None are laughing anymore.

courland pocket gets attacked.png

Unfortunately, serious news arrives from the Eastern Front. The Soviets have finally gathered their strength and launched an attack on our encircled divisions in Courland. The evacuation is underway, but despite extensive fortifications in the city of Jelgava, the Soviets will undoubtedly triumph against the defenders if they persist in their attack. Admiral Marschall urges his men to start rowing faster, as the fuel is long gone.

americans bite.png

Not to allow themselves to be outdone, American pilots inflict a costly defeat on our bombing wing.


However, unlike the situation in the skies, Germany is once again the dominant party on the ground.

lorzer's rocketeers.png
brussels capped.png

A grounded wing of obsolete tech, so-called rocket interceptors under the command of Lörzer, flies once more to try and earn their keep.

The Americans manning Brussels surrender to the victorious German infantry under Demelhuber.

rockets good.png

On the other end, Göring spits out his morning morphine when Lörzer's messenger brings him the report of their latest interception. Perhaps the Reich's position on the rocket tech should be reconsidered?

The lone American motorized is apparently undeterred in its efforts to win us the war. They advance further to the north after taking a brief detour to Waldenburg. The potential frontline with the Soviet Union shortens to only 3 provinces, which is easily tenable by Wehrmacht even in its dilapidated state.

americans hellbent on winning me the war.png

The only one laughing now is the hero of the day, General Lenski. He recaptures the City of Light, and the Yankees can counterattack as much as they like. They will have to turn Paris into Parwas before he is forced out.

lenski in paris.png

With this, Germany solidifies its chances in the West and comes several steps closer to finally pushing the Allies back into the sea, almost a year overdue. Will the German morale falter before that happens, or will Festung Europa reclaim its ramparts in France?

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