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EODAIP - an AI focused Darkest Hour Mod - Sheien aka Nekron

New major update!

It's my first time going through the motions of cutting .git fluff for EODAIP (in my other modding projects the process is just automatized), so hopefully I haven't accidentally left anything unneeded.

Edge of Darkness.jpg

I've spent the most time in this update on trying to get Germany to win less often, and on trying Allies to create more stable fronts in Italy and France. I haven't exactly succeeded with D-Day, but for what it's worth - it's not like DDay works anywhere else in HoI. If I run unmodded Armagaddon, Germany always loses to SOV before allies even try landing... So right now my biggest hang-up by far is that Allies lose ~1000 TPs on average trying to run their troops through the Pacific like the babbling bafoons that they are. I don't know if this can be remedied using the tools that I have, though =/

As a result, Allies typically D-Day through Italy, the Balkans or Spain (if it happens to be in the war). I'll keep trying to figure out a way to make France landings more common.

Known current bugs: (including unmodded DH bugs)

  • SPR may generate a trade deal with its day/hour saved as -52/-51

  • Transport Planes with loaded Paratroopers may idle for an indefinite amount of time

  • Paratroopers airlifted to air fields may instantly request the Transport to pick them back up and get killed as a result

  • Game slows down if you reload multiple times without restarting the executable

  • Game rarely crashes after releasing a country or when a division is upgraded in deploy queue?



  • (CAN) Canada now sometimes tries to raid Dieppe

  • (ITA) Decrease the penalty from the “War takes a turn for the worse” event so that it does not completely remove whatever fighting capability ITA has (it had a 40% Org penalty!)

  • (ITA) Italy now joins Axis as soon as Belgium and Netherlands fall

  • (All RKs) RKs now have some industrial (Factories, Naval Yards etc) tech teams from their original countries

  • (U45) Slightly buff AI U45 (via free cores) to make it better at maintaining the Norwegian front

  • (USA) Sherman Tanks are now slightly cheaper to build

  • (USA) USA reacting to early-war outrageous events (US reaction to Fall of Paris, Gibraltar etc) now gives them Hawk Lobby and partial peacetime IC that was previously gated behind Fall of Suez

  • (USA) US now tries to get more units early into the war

  • (ENG, USA) Make Allies more passive on pre-DDay fronts (especially in Italy after ITA collapses into RSI)

  • (GER) German AI now sends Afrika Korps to Africa when available

  • (GER) If Germany DOWs Ireland during Sealion, it will now be better at invading through provinces other than Belfast

  • (GER) AI Germany now always garrisons low countries, regardless of whether it decides to plunder or setup RKs

  • (GER) Fixed a bad exp force setup that caused GER to be unable to defend against Turkey or Switzerland

  • (GER) Should no longer try to send troops overseas to some Japanese allies

  • (GER, FRA) Rework front on both ends; Germany now should always try to take Brussels and Amsterdam before going into France, to avoid an issue where sometimes AIs could get stuck with unreasonable numbers of stationary divisions around Maginot

  • (GER, SOV) Both SOV and GER now get some tank bonuses/maluses by default to try and mimic their tank development history

  • (SOV) Soviets start with more IC but the Barbarossa penalty lasts twice as long

  • (SOV) Soviets now should be more likely to invade & paratroop during war with Germany

  • (JAP) Japan will now try to invade Burma properly

  • (JAP) JAP is now a little bit more stupid when it comes to hunting TPs

  • (JAP) No longer build radars for JAP

  • (JAP) Japan is more passive when winning against China early

  • (MAN, MEN, JAP) JAP now has a higher proportion of own troops vs puppet troops to avoid reaching max military-to-IC ratio when still at very high MP

  • (AI) Tweak Paratrooper parameters

  • (AI) Tweak production priorities - major AIs now generally try to retain a balance between Navy, Air and Land army proportions

  • (Script) Some countries should prepare better for GER invasions

  • (Script) AIs and RKs that received some free Militias right after being released now get tech 3+ Militias instead of tech 1.

  • (Script) Events that checked intel_diff now check a simpler data type that’s more predictable when comparing ministers/tech (-> generally a nerf to how strong Pearl Harbour / Scapa Flow attacks were)

  • (Script) The Democracy penalty for huge losses now gives less Dissent

  • (Db) Radars now give Sub detection, floatplanes give less Sub detection

  • (Misc) Decrease max Air stack size back down to 4 -
    Wanted to avoid reverting this one because it just felt better to me as a Player, but I think ultimately between the number of planes typically seen during a campaign and with how AI uses them, it ends up being a mismatch.

  • (Misc) Decrease required trade effectiveness for pity trade deals (given to allies who badly need a resource)

  • (Misc) Remove Military Score to IC ratio check during wartime, rely only on max supply required cap for limiting AI production

  • (Misc) Convoys use current TP models instead of -1

  • (Misc) Buff efficiency of Naval Move and Air Scramble

  • (Misc) Gearing kicks in faster but has a smaller max benefit

  • (Misc, inc) Decrease some starting industry mods for Majors but increase IC prop gained from occupying provinces

  • (Inc, Provinces) Buff starting setup (IC, Manpower, resources) of Norway, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy, Shanxi, Guangxi, UK

As a bit of a showcase, here's one of my favourite moments when I was testing the update - German AI organically beelining for the Caucasus!

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