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"Domination of the Draka AAR"

by Josh365

Starting Screen.png


The scenario starts in 1936. I'm playing as Germany. I'm going to try to defeat the Draka when they invade after I defeat the Soviet Union. Should be a challenge.





The World in 1936 (Feb 10, 2022) Extending conscription increased my dissent by six percent. Alas.

Re-occupation of the Rhineland (Feb 10, 2022) Re-occupation of the Rhineland reduced my dissent a bit.

Annexation of Austria (Feb 10, 2022) The coup in Austria.

Preparing for Sudeten landgrab (Feb 10, 2022) We must move troops to the border with Czechoslovakia. This is risky as it involved reducing troops from other fronts.

Invasion of Czechoslovakia (Feb 11, 2022) Czechoslovakia is annexed following the conquest of Slovakia.

Spanish Civil War (Feb 11, 2022) Civil War breaks out in Spain after radicals declare independence in Southern Spain.

Anti-Comintern Pact and Spanish Intervention (Feb 11, 2022) Spanish Civil War - Sending Material and Volunteers.

Tiso installed in Czechoslovakia (Feb 11, 2022) Tiso installed in Czechoslovakia.



New year (Feb 11, 2022) We have yet to take back those lands captured by Poland and France in the last war. While we have only 97 land divisions, intelligence reports suggest Poland and France have at least 120 between them. The Soviets have almost 200 divisions. Still no intel on the Draka at this point. Where and when they will strike next is unknown. We must be prepared.



Shifting production to armaments (Feb 11, 2022) Shifting production to armaments.



The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and coup in Danzig (Feb 11, 2022) Nazi coup in Danzig.

Danzig or War - WAR! (Feb 11, 2022) Danzig or War - War.

Warsaw is captured (Feb 12, 2022) The Poland campaign went well with Warsaw being captured on 29th December. The Soviets also invaded Poland from the East.

Battle on the Siegfried line (Feb 12, 2022) Koblenz is finally retaken.

Invasion of Belgium and Luxembourg (Feb 14, 2022) We invade Belgium and Luxembourg on 7-11-1939.

Invasion of The Netherlands (Feb 14, 2022) We invade the Netherlands.

France Offensive (Feb 14, 2022) We've conquered the Netherlands and now turn our attention to France.



Breakthrough at Longwy (Feb 14, 2022) Our armoured units have broken through the French line at Longwy. Now they can begin attacking from the rear.

Encirclement Around Lille (Feb 15, 2022) Many French units are cut off around Lille. We also captured Metz.

Paris is taken (Feb 20, 2022) Paris is taken.

Marseille is taken (Feb 23, 2022) Marseille is taken.

The Battle of Britain (Feb 24, 2022) The Battle of Britain has begun. We start by bombing enemy ports.

The Battle of Britain resumed (Mar 17, 2022) I'm using my subs to try to find the Royal Navy's ships in the North Sea so I can bomb them. I'm not having much success yet.

Invasion of Yugoslavia (Mar 24, 2022) We are preparing to invade Yugoslavia. Italy is also allied.

Belgrade is captured (Apr 11, 2022) Belgrade is captured.

Invasion of Denmark (May 5, 2022) We are preparing to invade Denmark.



Preparation for invasion of Russia (Dec 28, 2022) We are training lots more troops in preparation for our war with Russia and then the Draka.

Operation Barbarossa (May 29, 2023) It has begun.

Lwow is taken (May 29, 2023) Lwow is taken.

Rowne is taken (May 29, 2023) Rowne is taken.

Minsk is taken (May 29, 2023) Minsk is taken.

Kanuas is taken (May 29, 2023) Kanuas is taken.

Reaching the Dnieper river (May 30, 2023) Our troops have reached the Dnieper river.

Soviet resistance in the South (May 30, 2023) We are encountering resistance from many Soviet divisions in the South.

Riga is taken (May 30, 2023) Riga is taken.

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